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August 8, 1969

[Actually 137A]


  • Find #7
  • T6E; G9
  • Horserace frieze fragments


  • Find #8
  • T6E; R18
  • Horserace frieze fragment


  • Find #9
  • T6E; N8
  • Horserace frieze fragment


  • Find #10
  • T6E; O6
  • Horserace frieze fragment

T6E continues p. 154

T6E (1)

The third layer was taken off from the remaining cut in order to take it down to the level of the rest of the trench.  A few fragments of procession frieze were found.  The southern part of the trench produced nothing.  1 box of tiles was dumped.  In the western most part of the trench a few stones appeared which appeared to be in line with the ones W of the western most column foundation in T6E (cf pp. 86 and 105 ).  It seems also to be connected with the stones in T2 (this will have to be clarified further.  See the architects plan).  The stones are in grid N-O beta and from a line 3.45 m long with a 1.60m long gap. (consisting of a large stump and an opeining in the line).


The extension of the drain (?) was determined to the S. It seems to go all the way to the S edge of the trench though the very last part of the trench was not taken down to the level of the drain.  A passageway for the wheel barrows had to be left, but it will be taken out as soon as the work in the other parts of the rench is finished.  The continuation of the S wall was determined.  Although the full width is not preserfved, it seems certain that the wall continued all the way to the E through T6F.  The last 1.50 m is much better preserved; it has a w. of 1.30-1.40m.  Was there a doorway



  • Find #1
  • T6F
  • Gorgon's head, fragment


  • Find #2
  • T6F
  • Low, flat-bottomed bowl

to the W of it, or have stones been taken out?  The relation between the S wall and the line of the drain pipe (?) seems to be that the latter is flanked on two sides (E and W) by the stones of the wall.  A few stones were also found over the actual pipe.  - Pottery was still abudat in the area E of the pipe.  Immediately to the W of it, in the 'corner' where it runs into the S wall a piece of horserace frieze was found.  Above a section of the pipe where it is flanked by the S wall (grid LI) a fragment of a gorgon was found.  In grid B-C 6 a wall appeared which has a W of 1.40m.  Its visible l is 1.15m to the E edge

of the trench.  it is in line with the N wall of trench T6D, but there is a definite gap between it and the few stones which appear at m 2.80 W, and which are in line with the N. wall, but which also seem to extend N.  3 boxes of tiles were dumped in the morning.

The cleaning of the drain ? pipe was stopped in the afternoon in order to enable the architect to measure and draw it.  three boxes of tile were dumped from the rest of the trench.

Eleven pipes were counted starting from the S wall going northwards.  Inside, and south of the S wall are remains of two more.


  • Find #1
  • T6E
  • Lateral sima fragment - head




  • Find #3
  • T6E; B20
  • Fragment of hair
  • found in sherd box

T6E (2)

Excavation of the tile bed continued.  Pieces were found in C&D 19 & 20 and B 19 - mostly fragments of lateral sima (one complete head) and banquet frieze (the rest of the plaque found on the previous day).  Also 1 piece of bronze ( ) D19 and 2 pieces of a circular bottom (of a vase?) with legs D19.  1 piece of procession frieze was found D20.  A cast was made of the head from the lateral sima found at C20.  in the afternoon another layer was taken down and in E21 a fragment of horserace frieze and a piece of bronze.  In B21 a bronze pin and a fragment of a Gorgon's head were found.

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