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July 7, 2004


Due to the unknown nature of the rocks which appear to be inline with one another, the rock packing was declared a new locus (Locus 2). In order to explore the possibility of the rock packing continuing further, the trench was extended one meter to the east into meters 225-226E, 55-57S. Opening elevations for the extension were taken after the brush was cleared.

Opening Elevations for Extension (Locus 1)

225E,55S -26.32  226E,57S -26.08  226E,55S - 26.255  225E,57S- 26.20

Pick axed through the humus and topsoil in the new extension area to a similar depth as what has been reached in the original trench area. Some white root rot has appeared around the areas of roots in the eastern part of the trench. Locus 1 is again dominated by roots and rocks and some terracotta fragments, although the terracotta is somewhat smaller than those found further west in the original part of the trench. The three stumps were removed in clearing down Locus 1.  Rocks of medium to large size have been appearing in the extension in line with those discovered earlier. Continued pick axing and clearing down the extension to a similar level

as in the west. More rocks have appeared in line with the western part of the trench, some of which are fairly larger than those in the west. Worked trowling down to the level of the rocks to expose their full extent. The area among the rocks which has appeared in the extention is now consitered Locus 2 and all pottery and terracotta recorded will now be consitered from this locus.


Continued to define the rocks across all meters of the trench. More have appeared so that the line of rocks now extends through the entire trench from the north west corner to the south east one. A bronze fleck was found while sifting dirt in the wheelbarrow (from the SW meter of the trench) but was soon after lost. Closing elevations were taken for the extention.

Closing Elevations

225E, 55S - 26.19   226E, 57S - 25.87   226E,57S - 25.94   225E,57S - 26.13

Material Yielded

Locus 1 1 casetta of terracotta

9 pieces of pottery

1 piece of bone

Locus 2 1 piece of pottery




  • Find 1
  • Ionic Pottery Sherd
  • Near 224E, 57S meter
  • Baulk Find
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