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Began work this morning with a one meter by a half meter pick pass, starting along the east wall, moving south to north. The soil remains clumpy and light brown and therefore still associated with Locus 3. In the eastern sector a large piece of pan-tile began to emerge, so the entire surface of the trench was brushed down to ensure that no pieces would break during the next pick pass. The second pick pass began down the center of the trench from south to north, moving towards the eastern sector. The surface of the whole trench was evenly troweled down, and a new soil was revealed. Its consistency was denser, much more clay-like and lighter in color than Locus 3.

1 bowl of terracotta

2 fragments of bone

½ latte box of pottery

were recovered from Locus 3.


Opening elevations for Locus 4:

136 E / 34 S (NW) = 28.26 A.E.

136 E / 36 S (SW) = 28.30 A.E.

139 E / 36 S (SE) = 28.22 A.E.

139 E / 34 S (NE) = 28.19 A.E.

After lunch, elevations and pictures were taken for Locus 4. A one meter by one mketer pick pass was performed in the northwest quarter of the trench.

Special Find #1

Bronze slag / vitrified pottery

Locus 4

28.36m A.E.

136.6 E / 34.79 S

This possible piece of bronze was discovered in the southwest sector of the trench, the same location as the previous two pieces of bronze were located. Two additional flecks of turquoise were observed here as well, though there were no more fragments of bona fide bronze slag.

A pick pass was then performed over a one meter by one meter sector of the southwest quarter of the trench. Two to three small flecks of possible carbon or black material were observed.

Material Totals:

3 pieces of baulk wall terracotta

5 pieces of bone (Locus 4)

19 sherds of pottery (Locus 4)

Before finishing work today, a new feature was realized to the north of trenches SF 4 and 5. Possibly, it could be a courtyard wall from the Orientalizing Period. As of now, it resembles a wall of stone, topped with back fill from previous excavations that must be removed before any identification can be made.

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