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Daily Log 1/8/11



A pick pass was done in the northern half of the trench. Now that the soil has had time to dry out over the weekend it is clear that the olive mottled soil remains here from 87S to 85S. The ridge that has formed as a boundary at roughly 87S was picked one last time to remove the last few patches of mottled soil there. During the pick pass a piece of cut-out akroterion (SF #1) and a statue fragment (SF #2) were found. Soil was shoveled into buckets and sorted at the wheelbarrow. Large amounts of terracotta were found. A piece of frieze plaque was found while sorting buckets (SF #3). Another pick pass was started in the north, but stopped since a new soil seems to be appearing here. This soil is sandy on texture with lots of terracotta in the soil. The soil was shoveled and sorted at the wheelbarrow. While shoveling a forno base (SF #4), a forno fragment (SF #5), an unusual terracotta fragment (SF #6), and a terracotta water (SF #7) were found. The baulk walls were trimmed for photos.

Special Find #1

Cut-out Akroterion

Loucs 2

36.72W, 85.71S

29.25 mAE



Special Find #2

Statue Fragment

Locus 2

36.16W, 86.79S

29.36 mAE



Special Find #3

Frieze Plaque Fragment

Locus 2

NW- 36.5W, 85S

NE- 35W, 85S

SE- 35W, 87S

SW-36.5W, 87S

~29.31 mAE



Special Find #4

Forno Base

Locus 2

35.7W, 85.8S

29.22 mAE



Special Find #5

Forno Fragment

Locus 2

38.69W, 86.44S

29.21 mAE



Special Find #6

Unusual Terracotta

Locus 2

35.45W, 87.28S

29.32 mAE

Special Find #7

Terracotta Waster

Locus 2

NW- 40W, 85S

NE- 35W, 85S

SE- 35W, 87S

SW-40W, 87S

~29.25 mAE

After the baulks were trimmed, the ridge created during picking was troweled. The top of the blue-gray soil in the south was scraped. Closing elevations and photos were taken of Locus 2

Closing Elevations Locus 2

NW- 29.34 mAE

NE- 29.27 mAE

SE- 29.63 mAE

SW- 29.54 mAE Center 29.61 mAE

Locus 3 was opened. Locus 3 is the yellow brown soil which has large fragments of terracotta in it, in the northern part of the trench. An opening sketch was drawn to show the location of Locus 3 , opening elevations and photos were taken.

Opening Elevations of Locus 3

NW- 29.34 mAE

NE- 29.27 mAE

SE- 29.36 mAE

SW- 29.35 mAE Center 29.27 mAE

Opening Coordinates of Locus 3

NW- 40W, 85S

NE- 35W, 85S

SE- 35W, 87S

SW- 40W, 87S Center- 38W, 86S

Locus 3 is a sandy yellow-brown soil with flecks of gray and orange soil in the matrix. Terracotta and pottery is found in this locus, although less than the previous locus. There are some small (~10 cm) rocks present in the soil. A pick pass was done in locus 3 to level this locus to its deepest point in the northwestern corner. Soil was shoveled into buckets and sorted at the wheelbarrow. Terracotta and pottery was found. Another light pick pass was done. Soil was shoveled. After this pick pass the floor of locus 3 was leveled with trowels. The blue-gray soil in the remainder of the

trench was scraped to remove the contaminating soil caused during the rains last week.


The floor of locus 3 continues to be leveled, soil is sorted into buckets and dumped. Terracotta is still found. The slope from the blue-gray soil to locus 3 has been partially picked through and no longer provides a clear stratigraphic picture of the transition, therefore the 50 cm from 87S-87.5S will be picked and made square to provide a clearer picture in the baulk walls. This 50cm section was picked and shoveled. All finds will be counted in baulk trim. While picking a piece of cavetto was found (SF#8).

SF#8 Cavetto Frag

Baulk Trim

37W, 87.34S

29.45 mAE



*finished next morning

The baulks were trimmed through locus 3 , finds were counted with baulk trim pottery. Closing elevations for the week were taken of locus 3 . Closing photos of the trench were taken. The scarp had started to be drawn, but work was called on account of rain.*

Closing Elevations of Locus 3

NW- 29.16 mAE

NE- 29.24 mAE

SE- 29.24 mAE

SW- 29.22 mAE

Center- 29.17 mAE

Bulk Finds

Locus 2

Tile- 7 ½ Bowls

Pottery- 2 ½ lattes

Locus 3

Tile- 2 ¾ bowls

Pottery- 1 ¼ lattes

Baulk Trim

Tile- 5 Bowls

Pottery- 2 ¼ lattes

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