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Began the day by continuing to define the area around the Archaic walls.  As the archaic wall is now exposed and the backfill across the southern section of feature A seems to have been completely removed we will now close locus 1 and open 3 new loci across the area locus 1 previously occupied. Locus 3 contains the area in feature A north of the southern wall of OC3 with the coordinates:

  • 137.89mE/26.34mS - 28.69m
  • 138.09mE/25.50mS - 28.63m
  • 138.42mE/25.50mS - 28.63m
  • 138.38mE/26.14mS - 28.69m
  • 139.00mE/26.29mS - 28.84m
  • 139.00mE/26.59mS - 28.68m

The soil in locus 3 is medium brown and mottled with yellowish flecks and it is claylike with carbon inclusions.  There is a fair amount of terracotta and pottry n the locus. Locus 4 is the area of feature A that was underneath the large stump that was removed and between the coordinates:

  • 139.00mE/26.29mS - 28.84m
  • 140.15mE/26.39mS - 28.76m
  • 140.09mE/26.82mS - 28.59m
  • 139.00mE/26.92mS - 28.79m

This area is being treated separately because material associated with the stump is most likely out of context and bioturbated.

The soil associated with locus 4 is a dark brown with grayish patches claylike soil which has very little material in it, a few small stones and many roots. Locus 5 is the area of feature A that is among the southern wall of OC3 and the area in line with that wall.  The coordinates of the locus are:

  • 137.89mE/26.34mS - 28.69m
  • 138.84mE/26.59mS - 28.62m
  • 139.00mE/26.92mS - 28.68m
  • 137.92mE/26.48mS - 28.58m

Photos of all Loci Taken

Locus 5 soil is a yellowish brown claylike soil with whitish inclusions and little material.  We are now beginning to excavate in both loci 3 and 4 with trowels.  During troweling in locus 3 a piece of ridged impasto was recovered (find #1).


Continuing to trowel down in loci 3 and 4 .  We are removing the large stone covering parts of loci 3 and 4 in order to investigate under it.  While troweling in locus 3 a piece of cut bin was recovered (find #2).  In locus 3 we are beginning to uncover some large rocks of approx. 20 cm under the large stone just removed.  The same is also occuring in the area of Locus 4 that was under the large rock with stones of approx. 32cm appearing.  These stones seem to be in line with the archaic wall and could be an extension

of them.  A new darker soil is beginning to appear in locus 3 .  We will now investigate its extent.  The darker soil, upon further investigation, is not different from the locus 3 soil.  The sun baking the earth altered the appearance of the earlier soil.  A new more mottled soil has been uncovered in locus 4 .  We will now investigate its extent.

Materials Recovered


Find #1

  • Locus 3
  • 28.60m
  • 138.32mE/26.15mS
  • Ridged Impasto

Find #2

of Loci 3 , 4 , and 5 and their relationships.

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