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July 28, 1980


Cartons pottery - 6

(July, 29 - Also ca. half box heavy coarseware from deep AG-X from today and yesterday)

We work in AG-X BB-AA continuing cut 5 in the dark earth of BB 0-Z and AA Z, skirting the rock pack and in the west and south ( see sketch # 6 p. 8 ) and in AG-11 E-F 112-15, where the newly begun cut 2 primarily removes dumped earth full of large and small rocks.  Around the west end of 13 (we are moving eastward) we reach what seems to be the original slope and a dark topsoil also full of rocks.  Pottery is sporadic and in the dump at first we find some fine ware.  Here we also find a bronze fragment (# 1) and some tile including # 2.  Later perhaps in topsoil we find a bit of black volcanic glass (# 6), and further, in the black topsoil, a fibula without its pin (# 8).  We reach eastern 11 and a depth of 50cm.  There a little tile occurs as well.

In AG-X we find the soil on the whole that of burn debris but a complex mixture of hues and intensities.  A dark brown soil full of plaster and terracotta bits lies at the bottom.  In 0 a greenish-yelllowish tan clay with some carbon and little else in it overlies this as far as the stones in the east and mid AA in the west, about 5-7cm thick.  Over the green, the burn is full of plaster, so much so that the texture is altered, and in Z, plaster - yellow to orangle to pink - nearly saturates the earth.  Our few beans (# 11) come from this topmost layer but only in the far wast almost in 1.  Pottery is frequent and often find impasto.  Stemmed (?) bowls with incurved rims are frequent and in various sizes and wares.  Bucchero occurs as well as much heavy coarseware.  In AA in the bottom we find some large body-base fragments of pithoi and leave 1 in situ.  We save a sample of matter stuck to a wall of such a fragment (# 12).  We reach the mid-point of AA having turned south in eastern Z.




  • Find # 7
  • AG-X BB Z
  • Cut 5
  • Fragment of worked (?) long bone.  Slashed? Cut?


  • Find # 8
  • AG-11 Fossa E 12
  • Cut 2
  • Fragment of bronze fibula, lacking pin with incised design above plate




  • Find # 13
  • AG-X
  • Cut 5 Burn
  • Fragment of incised buccheroid


  • Find # 14
  • AG-X
  • Cut 5 Burn
  • Fragment of painted pottery


We have broken down the pottery table of AG-X covering about half the material from these areas and corresponding to cuts 1-3 in both streches with some material from cut 4 of the east-west stretch.  It thus corresponds roughly to strat over the heavy burn full of seeds now near or at the bottom of these areas.  We are equipped now to being our summary.

Summary 1980.  Pottery.

Fabric.  Body sherds are chosen to illustrate the wares discussed as well as bodily curvature, sizes, and transitions.



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