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Began cleaning trench from severe weather that occured over the last week.  The floor was swept and the baulk wall between loci 5&3 defined.  Then locus 3 was excavated down to the same depth as loci 4&5.  Also, the majority of the roots were removed.  Unlike the excavation of locus 1, where a soil change was detected and loci 2&3 were created, no soil change was detected in locus 3 from the surface to the approximate depth of 65cm.  This is probably due to the intense amount of roots in the soil and the dampness from a week of rain.  The closing depth for locus 3 was approximatley 65cm abd then loci 3&5 were conflated into locus 6 since both had the same crumbly gray-olive soil and the roots no longer interfered with excavation of that area of the trench.  The following points were taken for locus 6:

Coordinates(m)               Depth(cm)

1. 51.40S 160.74E          62

2. 51.35S 160.63E          68

3. 51.91S 160.90E          65

4. 53.04S 160.09E          65

5. 53.63S 161.40E          59

6. 53.50S 160.64E          65

7. 52.22S 161.36E          62

Also, a formation of stones was noticed and included on locus form #15 and rendered on a map (p. 39)


The coordinates and diameter of the stones in the map are the following (the average depth was approximately 65cm):

Coordinates(m)               Diameter(cm)

1. 51.36S 160.42E          15

2. 51.86S 160.56E          16

3. 51.56S 160.30E          20

4. 52.16S 160.49E          18

5. 52.46S 160.56E          20

6. 51.31S 161.25E          13

7. 51.65S 161.07E          17

8. 52.08S 161.05E          30

9. 53.70S 160.50E          33

After the map was finished, the baulk walls were trimmed, the floor levelled, and cleaned.  This process took the entire afternooon due to the extremely muddy state it was in.  From locus 3 approximatley 1 full latte box of bulk pottery was found and a 1/4 cassetta of terracotta.  Plus, the following special finds were made:


  • Find #1
  • 52S 161E  Locus 3
  • Depth of approximately 56cm
  • Heavily corroded nail


  • Find #4
  • 51.29S 160.78E  Locus 6
  • Depth of 65cm
  • Lateral sima cavetto fragment

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