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Locus Summary

A total of 8 loci were identified in T28N in the 2001 season however many loci are infact equivalent.

locus 1 represents the topsoil cut throughout the initial area of the trench(79S/195E, 79S/199E, 81S/199E). The soil was medium brown with organic material.


coordinates             opening elevation           closing elevation

79S 195E                 0cm bd                         12 cm bd

79S 197E                 14.1 cm bd                    32cm bd

79S 199E                 27.1 cm bd                    28 cm bd

80S 196E                 25.0 cm bd                    35.2 cm bd

80S 197E                 41.2 cm bd                    47.0 cm bd

80S 198E                 19.5 cm bd                    56.5 cm bd

81S 195E                  50.3 cm bd                   59.6 cm bd

81S 197E                  65.7 cm bd                   74.0 cm bd

81 S 199E                 82.5 cm bd                   83.5 cm bd

ceramics 2 1/8 cassetti of terracotta

5/8 latte box of pottery

locus 2 fine texture gray-brown soil filled with small rocks and clay. (Confines are 79S 199E, 81S 199E, 81S 195E, 79S 198E, 80S 197E, 80.1S 195.35E)


coordinates             openig elevation                 closing elevation

80S 198E                  56.3 cm bd                         67.4 cm bd

81S 199E                 83.5 cm bd                         109.2 cm bd

81S 195E                 59.6 cm bd                          93.0 cm bd

80S 197E                 47 cm bd                             60.3 cm bd

80.1S 195 E             40 cm bd                             46.9 cm bd

80.5S 195.5E           56 cm bd                              99 cm bd

80.5S 196.5E           58 cmb d                              78.7cm bd

80.5 S 197.5E          65 cm bd                               76.6 cm bd

80.5 S 198.5E          80.8 cm bd                            103.1 cm bd

80 S 199E                60.4 cm bd                             80.4 cm bd

ceramics 2 11/12 cassetti of terracotta

1 3/8 latte boxes of pottery

locus 3 the rock pack layer initially confined at 79S 195E, 80.1S 195.35E, 80S 197E, 79.36 S  198E, and then was uncovered to extend to 80.7 S 196.38E, 80.75S 195.64E, 80.37S 197.21E.

Coordinates                 opening depth bd             closing depth bd

79S 195E                        12 cm                              12 cm

80.1S 195E                     40 cm                              20 cm

80S 197E                        47 cm                              47 cm

79S 198 E                       38.9 cm                           57 cm

79.5S 195.5E                   12.7 cm                           12.7cm

79.5S 196.5E                   33.4 cm                            24 cm

80.75S 195.64E                139 cm                             ----------

80.75S 196.38E                146 cm                             ----------

80.37S 197.21E                120 cm                             ----------

No ceramics

locus 4 represents the topsoil cut throughout the southern extension. (81S 195E, 81S 197E, 82S 195E, 82S 197E). It was medium brown in color.

coordinates                    opening depth bd                  closing depth bd

81S 195E                          50.3 cm                               63.4 cm

81S 197E                          65.7 cm                               79.7 cm

82S 195E                         79.9 cm                                81.5 cm

82S 197E                         90.9 cm                                91.8 cm

81.5S 195.5E                    68.6 cm                               79.1 cm

81.5S 196.5E                   77.9 cm                                 82.9 cm

ceramics 1/4 cassette of terracotta

1/4 latte box fo pottery (10pieces)

locus 5 fine textured gray brown soil filled with small rocks. It confines are 81S 195E, 81S 197E, 82S 195E, 82S 197E.

coordinates                  opening depth bd             closing depth bd

81S 195E                          63.4 cm                        93.0 cm

81S 197E                          79.7 cm                        100.7 cm

82S 195E                          81.5 cm                        100.0 cm

82S 197E                          91.8 cm                        115.0 cm

81.5S 195.5E                    79.1 cm                         102.4 cm

81.5S 196.5E                    82.9 cm                          107.8 cm

ceramics 1 1/4 cassetti of terracotta

1 latte box of pottery

architectural terracotta 1 cavetto fragment

locus 6 the large stump where excavation was limited. Its confines are 79S 198E, 79S 199E, 80S 199E, 80S 198E, 79.39S 198.32E.

coordinates             opening depth bd           closing depth bd

79.39S 198.32E           32.3 cm                     41.5 cm

79.86S 198.32E           58.6 cm                     57.5 cm

79.5S 198.5E               12.9 cm                    12.9 cm

79S 199E                     28.0 cm                    28.0 cm

79S 108E                     34.4 cm                     35.0 cm

80S 199E                     60.4 cm                     60.4 cm

80S 198E                     56.5 cm                     61.5 cm

locus 7 Extremely fine medium-brown to gray soil with white flecks and charcoal flakes. Its confines are 80S 199E, 81S 199E, 81S 197E. 82S, 197E, 82S 195E, 80.45S 195E, 80S 198E, 80.5S 197E.

ceramics 5 3/8 cassetti of terracotta

2 3/8 latte boxes of pottery

organic material 4 fragments of unworked bone

metals 2 bronze flakes, 1 bronze piece, 1 iron roof tile nail

other 6 slingstones

locus 7

coordinates               opening depth bd          closing depth bd

80345S 195E                66.5 cm                        125.0cm

80.16S 196.5E              81.2 cm                        93.1 cm

80.5S 197E                  97.2 cm                         125.4 cm

80.5S 195.5E               80.1 cm                         137.1 cm

80.5S 196.5E               90.9 cm                          125.0 cm

82S 195E                    109.0 cm                         145.4 cm

82S 197E                    115.0 cm                         160.5 cm

81S 197E                    100.7 cm                          140.3 cm

81S 199E                     115.0 cm                          125.0 cm

80S 199E                     80.4 cm                            107.5 cm

81.5S 195.5E                56.0 cm                            154.5 cm

81.5S 196.5E                78.7 cm                            152.2 cm

80.5S 197.5E                76.6 cm                             123.6 cm

80.5S 198.5E                80.8 cm                              133.6 cm

locus 8 represents the topsoil cut through the north extension of the trench (77S 195E, 77S 197E, 70S 195E, 79S 197E).

coordinates             opening depth bs          closing depth bs *

77S 195E                  surface/ 0 cm bs           36.0 cm

77S 197E                          "                           32.5 cm

79S 195E                          "                           7.0 cm

79S 197E                          "                           4.8 cm

77.5S 195.5E                     "                           35.7 cm

77.5S 196.5E                     "                            31.4 cm

78.5SS 195.5E                   "                            12.0 cm

78.5S 196.5E                      "                            10.2 cm

ceramics 1 1/8 cassetti of terracotta

1 1/2 latte boxes of pottery

1 rocchetto frag

* readings taken below surface (bs) because the datum point was too low for the extension

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