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These photos show stones of foundation of Red Wall, possibly bonding into UB wall.

June 17, 1974

Red Wall Area (grids J-K 1/2)

In the morning, we continued to excavate below the Red Wall foundations in grids J-K 1/2.  At first, we cleared only the earth to the west of the LB foundations -- i.e. the LB debris.  The B stratum here contains a heavy concentration of carbon and seems to slope up slightly towards the south.  A few bucchero stemmed foot fragments were found in grid J-1, while K-1 produced some fairly large pithos fragments.

An interesting feature has appeared in the area where the Red Wall foundations meet the UB wall foundations (grids K 1/2): a series of stones, resembling small steps, rises from the Red Wall foundations to meet the UB foundations.  This feature may show that the Red Wall foundations were bonded into the UB foundations.  Still too early to tell, but the stones were cleaned and left in situ.

Subsequently, we cleaned down a few more centimeters over the LB foundations -- the soil here is yellowish-brown and contains practically nothing (i.e. one or two small tile fragments and a piece of pottery).  However, in a few places (especially J-K 1/2), the carbon has spread over and shows up in the earth above the LB stones.  Hence, there is no clean-cut north-south dividing line between the LB debris and the LB wall.

(This division is very clean in the profile in grids H-I 1/2 on p. 28 , but in the area further south, the carbon seems to have spread eastward over the LB wall.)

In the lowest stratum of the LB debris, there was found a few pieces of bucchero, including three bean plate rims with beans and a few large pithos fragments.  These pithos fragments, along with part of a pan tile, were found exclusively in grid K-1 next to the LB wall.  They seemed to rest on floor level as a new stratum ("C") begins below them.



  • Find #6
  • R5 K-1 (B)
  • Bucchero bean plate, preserves stout circular foot, nearly entire base with small omphalos in center and part of rim with one bean preserved


In the afternoon, we began cleaning down to the LB foundations in grid H 1/2 -- first removing the Red Wall foundation stones and then lifting the LB debris along the western face of the LB wall.  Here, stratum B shows heavy burning and carbon but no pottery.


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