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27 July 2014


The annular feature in Locus 11 drawn and scraped down for photographs. Photographs and opening elevations for Locus 13 taken:

NW Corner: 27.41m A.E. (95.25E/53.72S)

NE Corner: 27.45m A.E. (95.94E/53.69S)

SE Corner: 27.41m A.E. (95.88E/54.22S)

SW Corner: 27.40m A.E. (95.34E/54.26S)

Locus 13 is entirely bounded by the circular stone feature. The soil is light brown-yellowish, densely packed, and claylike. Trowels used to carefully excavated the soil within it, defining the exterior rocks, the interior fragments of tile and ceramic, and to remove small floating stones from the interior. Several fragments of pottery, one fragment of bone, and small, worn fragments of terra cotta--some of which are burnt--recovered.

A fragment of non local stone and two fragments of slag found.

Find 1: Non-Local Stone


27.46m A.E.

Locus 13

Find 2: Iron Slag Fragment


27.45m A.E.

Locus 13

Find 3: Iron Slag Fragment


27.40m A.E.

Locus 13

As more tile and ceramic are being defined they seem to be vaguely stacked upon one another sloping from the southwest to the northeast, entering the ground at an angle between 50 and 70 degrees. Another fragment of iron slag recovered.

Find 4: Iron Slag Fragment


27.43m A.E.

Locus 13

From within the area of the packed tile and ceramics, a flaring impasto rim fragment recovered.

Find 5: Flaring Impasto Rim Fragment


27.40m A.E.

Locus 13

A fragment of burnt bone recovered.

Find 6: Burnt Bone Fragment


27.37m A.E.


Another fragment of iron slag found at the western edge of the stone feature.

Find 7: Iron Slag Fragment


27.41m A.E.

Locus 13

Vitrified terra cotta fragment and small fragment of slag found in the same vicinity. Slag now collected in bulk.

Find 8: Vitrified Terra Cotta Fragment


27.33m A.E.

Locus 13

At the feature's western edge, a diagnostic bone recovered.

Find 10: Diagnostic Bone Fragment


27.39m A.E.

Locus 13

Buckets are not being sieved for Locus 13 because of the care taken during excavation. The tile and ceramic in the feature's interior has been clearly defined. Photographs taken of the terra cotta objects in situ before their removal begins. Terra cotta removed from the feature saved in a separate terra cotta dump about one meter south of T 62. Small fragment of vitrified terra cotta recovered.

Find 11: Vitrified Terra Cotta Fragment


27.34m A.E.

Locus 13

In dropping the elevation of the soil surrounding the packed tile in order to remove them, a vertebra fragment recovered.

Find 12: Vertebra Fragment


27.32m A.E.

Locus 13

A fragment of vitrified terra cotta found just north of the in situ tile.

Find 13: Vitrified Terra Cotta Fragment


27.35m A.E.

Locus 13


Two bowls of tile filled and dumped on the T 62 tile dump one meter south of the trench. Most of the tile removed is pan tile, with a few fragments of cover tile. One large fragment of lateral sima recovered from the northern edge of the tile pack.



Find 14: Lateral Sima Cavetto Fragment


27.29m A.E.

Locus 13

Beneath the tiles which have been removed, more tiles are emerging. Tiles cleaned with a leaf trowel and photographed.

Daily Totals:

Locus 13:

Terra cotta: 3 bowls

Pottery: 1 latte (103 fragments)

Bone: 6 fragments

Slag: 3 fragments

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