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Wednesday June 27


Continues to clear through the dump soil, down to the apparent terracotta packing which seems to undely it. Troweled down/lightly picked in the west of the trench to define this new layer. The soil of this new locus (which will be designated Locus 2) is a much more hardly packed/compacted with a darker hue and more inclusions of terracotta, ceramic and especially bone. The soil is also a bit more mottled in some areas (especiall in the NW) and has a fairly frequent inclusions of carbon. Troweled and swept the trench in order to declare Locus 2. Photos and opening elevations taken.


After elevations and phots wer etaken we begain to go through this new Locus (L2) by removing all of the visible pieces of terracotta and ceramic in the floor of the trench. The soil of locus 2 is much harder packed and contains many more rocks than Locus 1. The rocks are of a small to medium size and pervade across the trench. More terracotta continues to be recovered, especially in the NE of the trench. Continued to trowel and lightly pick the trench - more large pieces of terracotta were exposed and now will be troweled down to. A piece of butchered bone was recovered in the NE quarter of the trench and made a find (Find 1). The NE of the trench appears to be the location of a tile spread - an almost complete pantile as well as many other fragment of roofing tiles were uncovered in this area. The western section of the trench was picked to see if the tile spread extends further to the south and west. The soil is still hard packed and contains inclusions of bone, pottery and terracotta. Small to medium rocks are also included and many have been removed from above the terracotta (lying upon the broken tiles). Large amounts of charcoal were also recovered, especially in the NE of the trench. Swept trench before the end of work.

Material Yielded

Locus 1- 1/2 bowl of terracotta; 1 piece of pottery; 3 pieces of bone

Locus 2- 2 bowls of terracotta; 1/3 box of pottery; 1/3 box of bone

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Jason P. Bauer, Joseph R. Vansuch. "JPB V (2007-06-27):39-44; Wednesday June 27 from Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 45/2007, ID:584/Locus 1". (2017) In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed.) . Released: 2017-10-04. Open Context. <>

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