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July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011


Continued to work through the CB 47 extension. One pick pass done over the whole meter by meter area. Soil removed consistent with Locus 4 , the humus layer, but everywhere beneath the removal a medium brown soil appearing. More roots and small stones found in Locus 4 , as well as small amounts of extremely worn terra cotta and pottery. Baulk walling commenced in preparation to declare the next locus. All material collected with Locus 4 , as it is the only locus open over the whole trench. Roots also clipped. During baulk walling recovered a rocchetto fragment.

Find 1: Rocchetto Fragment

Locus 4

29.85m A.E.




Opening photographs and elevations taken for Locus 5 .

Opening Elevations of Locus 5:

NW Corner: 29.80m A.E.

NE Corner: 29.81m A.E.

SE Corner: 29.84m A.E.

SW Corner: 29.80m A.E.

Locus 5 is a medium brown soil more densely packed than the Locus 4 humus layer, but not claylike. Roots and small rocks are present on the surface. Before excavating Locus 5 , the baulk walls from Locus 4 were removed and all material was collected with Locus 4 . Afterwards the first pick pass was done over the whole area of the trench, remains consistent with Locus 5 . Terra cotta and pottery found in small amounts. A second pick pass was done over the whole area of the trench, soil remains consistent with Locus 5 . Soil sorted and removed from the trench. Some small rocks and many roots present. After soil was cleaned, began to find small rocks seven centimeters to fifteen centimeters in size

packed together with tile in the southeast corner. Began to trowel back from this packing to reveal whether it extends northward. Troweling revealed more rocks and terra cotta, but they were very loosely associated and not at the level of the rock packing in CB 49 immediately to the north. Therefore, picking was resumed over the whole area. During picking and cleaning one large rock was found along the northern baulk, approximately fifty centimeters in length and width. Several other rocks appearing at this level now, but no packing clear yet, nor any distinct edge. Pottery and terra cotta being found. Another light pick done and troweling to reveal more. This leveled the trench and uncovered a few more rocks. The large rock along the northern baulk stretches nearly the full extent (approximately one meter wide, fifty centimeters in length) and is partially deteriorating. Near the southern baulk another larger rock found and being explored to its full extent. The rest of the trench being

troweled down and leveled between the two rocks. Very deteriorating rock-like material being removed from the southern end in patches, as though they might just be individual rocks deteriorating.


Finished troweling and defining the area of the trench. No clear rock packing like the packings in CB 45, CB 46, and CB 49 found. One large deteriorating rock dominates the northern half of the trench and there are several other unassociated rocks and a few fragments of terra cotta. Because CB 47 extension is partially at a lower level than neighboring CB 49 without any associated rocks it was decided to close CB 47's extension. Baulk walls cleaned and the trench cleaned for closing photographs. Closing photographs and elevations taken.  CB 47 and extension to be covered with tarp and backfilled.

Closing Elevations of Locus 5:

NW Corner: 29.67m A.E.

NE Corner: 29.74m A.E.

SE Corner: 29.80m A.E.

SW Corner: 29.73m A.E.

Drawing made of the trench.

Daily Totals:

Locus 4:

Pottery: 5 sherds

Bone: 0 fragments

Terra cotta: 1/5 bowl

Locus 5:

Pottery: 85 sherds

Bone: 0 fragments

Terra cotta: 1 and 1/2 bowls

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