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Opening elevations were taken

NW 25.15

NE 25.15

SW 25.11

SE 25.29

Work began with a pick pass across the whole area of the trench, some large roots and parts of Stumps B and F having been removed with axe and chainsaw. The pass began in the north and moved steadily southwards. While a bucket was being checked before being placed in the barrow, a bronze circular fragment (a medieval coin ?) was found. As context is uncertain, the area where the bucket debris came from has been taken as the co-ordinates for this object, Special Find 1.


Special Find 1

Locus 2

54.88 E 54.98 S

25.13 AE

Bronze circle fragment PC20120044

A second pick pass was begun in the northern metre. The soil there is beginning to appear darker, with a blue\'black tinge. The texture is also different- grainy and slightly sticky. Whether this is caused by moisture or is indicative of a new locus is unclear. Terracotta and pottery are still being found, but in decreasing numbers in this area. In the course of this pick up, a piece of medeival pottery was found. (Special Find 2)

Special find 2

Locus 2

54.84 E 53.37 S

25.07 AE

Medieval Pottery


Further to the north, an iron fragment (Special Find 3) was found.

Special Find 3

Locus 2

54.44 E

55.52 S

25.11 AE

Iron fragment (fibula) PC20120084

In the same area, only a little to tghe west, a carved piece of stone (Special Find 4) and a fragment of one of the feline waterspouts were found. (Special Find 5)


Special Find 4

Locus 2

57.62 E 54.77 S

25.20 AE

Carved stone

Special Find 5

Locus 2

56.99 E 54.81 S

25.13 AE

Waterspout fragment.

During a second pick pass to the south it was observed that the darker soil (perhaps a slightly older erosional wash?) contains burnt terracotta. The darker soil is, however, seeming to dry to the same colour and texture as Locus 2.



Work recommenced with the levelling of the area between CB 56 and CB 57 with hand picks. A pick pass was then started in the northern metre, in order to explore the seemingly darker soil further. The dark soil is becoming more established and is full of pottery and terracotta. A piece of serpentine was found (Special Find 6)

Special Find 6

Locus 2


54.84 E 54.74 S

25.09 AE

The day ended with the clearing up of this pick pass.

Daily totals

Locus 2

Pottery 204 pieces

Bone 3 pieces

Terracotta 3 bowls

Special finds 6

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