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Tuesday 3 July 1984

Tile - 3

Pottery - 5


The damaged and eroded cover tiles in S-Y 70-73 were again brushed down and painted with 20% PVA solution.

Work continued lifting the tile in alpha beta 60-61 and cleaning the area around the column base.  A lid with a handle fragment was recovered from the area that appeared to be under the floor although this was not definite.  The floor continues to be badly deteriorated in this area.  There was a thin layer of burn over this disintegrated floor or plaster.  Slag was found above this later in small quantities.

Work continued on the cut XO-20-25 cm in Y2 alpha-57-58.  The soil continued brown and rooty with many small stones.  One-half cassetta of small tile and plaster chunks was recovered and one bag of pottery.

In ST-59-61 the area underneath the stump removed yesterday was taken down to the trench floor level using first mestiline in the red area then picks for the rest.  About four bags of pottery including one bag of fine bucchero fragments.  Fragments of a fine fluted bowl were also found.  These may be part of a Potnia Theron cup.  A piece of this red material was reserved and taken to the magazzino.

In O-74-76 work continued clearing around the vertical tile formation

in O-74-75.  The tiles below were also cleaned up.  One cassetta of tile and plaster chunks was recovered and one was of pottery.

The area in MN-83 was brought down to 75 cm and the rock fill was begun to be cleaned off.  The tile in N-83 was cleaned down further and there did not appear to be tile to the southern part of the meter.  It was not yet possible to determine whether there were tiles under this east-west line of tiles and stone.  One box of represenative pottery was collected.  Some of this was burned.   One cassetta of tile and small plaster lumps was also recovered.  At about 30-35 cm the plaster concentration increases and below this there appears ot be a rock fill.




  • Find #7
  • T-60
  • depth of 70 cm
  • fluted bowl fragments (Potnia Theron?, reddish)




Tile - 1

Pottery - 1

The cut X0 30-35 cm in X-2- 57-58 was completed.  The easth reamined dark brown and quite loose with many small stones.  In alpha-58 there may be part of the tile concentration in alpha beta-59-61 so this area was left at 15 cm.  One half cassetta of tile and plaster lumps was collected including two large flat edged plaster pieces from alpha-57.  The pottery was represenative.

In S-R-59-61 the area still left at 55-65 cm was taken down another 15-20 cm to attempt to expose the top surface of the red area.  This was completed in R-S-59 and into 60.  Very little tile, plaster or pottery came out of this cut.  The soil remained brown and clay like.  At about 85-90 cm in S the burn layer still appears to spread out over what may be a floor of plaster.  The stump was cleaned down with insignificant pottery or tile recovered.

In X-72 more of the cover tiles PVA'd this morning were exposed.  Some plaster chunks found in the soil above were removed and a couple small pieces of fired tile.  Pottery was insignificant.  Another small patch of burn is very visible several tiles to the north of the burned tiles noted on p. 163.

Work was continued clearing the tile and stone fill in MN-77-82 and in MN-83.  A small piece of bronze sheet was found amidst the rock fill in M-83.  Also a piace of burnt bone was found and there

appears to be burn in the soil under the palster and above the stone fill.

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