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June 5, 1974

Red Wall Area Grids J-K 1/2

Excavation is being continued in R5 in 1974 in order to (1) expose the Red Area wall and (2) excavate the Lower Building pottery which is below this wall.  The excavation of this pottery necessitates the removal of the Red Area Wall foundations.  These foundations run N-S parallel to and approx. 20-30 cm above the N-S foundations of the Lower Building.

However, these Red Area Wall foundations also lie approx. 35-40 cm west -- thus partially superimposed on the LB foundations and partially covering rubble and debris within the LB.  It is presumed that much of the pottery from the so-called Pithos Unit may join with sherds from this debris layer.  Already in cleaning, a base from a bucchero vessel can be seen in grids J-I below the foundation stones of the Red Wall.

The plan of excavation will differ from that of Eva Rystedt ( ER II p. 82-88 , ER III )

For cut through LB and Red Wall foundations made by E. Rystedt in 1972, see ER II p. 82-88 -- especially drawing and photos on p. 87 .

was made a cut perpendicular to the two walls in grids I 1/2 (for her trench plan, see ER III p. 3 ).  Own proposed plan of excavation will be as follows:

  1. Remove red earth (burnt pise and mud brick) from Red Wall.
  2. Remove foundations of Red Wall.
  3. Remove LB destruction debris and pottery, i.e., that beneath the western half of the Red Wall foundations but inside LB walls.
  4. Expose Lower Building foundations.

This afternoon, we began step #1.  We cleaned the red soil from above the Red Wall stone foundations in grids J-K 1/2.  This soil contains much compacted and burned mudbrick or plaster.  Some small bronze sheet fragments and a burned bucchero handle fragment were found in the wall.

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