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June 29, 2004


It was decided to extend the trench one meter to the south inorder to try and find the tile spread incase it somehow had turned south. We measured one meter from the southern baulk wall and extended the trench into meters 90-91S and 202-204E.Opening elevations taken

Opening Elevations for Extention

NW 22.02m  NE 21.91m  SW 21.89m  SE 21.835m

When laying out the extention it was discovered that the NW corner of the trench was off by about 15cm from where it should have been- probably due to both error in laying out the trench as well as the meter markers (steaks) being knocked out over the course of excavation. We layed the new meters of the trench from the two southern meter markers which appear to be correct ( as well as the NE marker).

Pickaxed through the topsoil layer (Locus 1) after clearing the brush and leaves off the trench. Locus one consisted of a dark black humus with inclusions of terracotta as well as a large quantity of medium sized stones. In this layer what was determined to be three pieces of an archaic lateral sima was found (Find 1). Locus 1 gave way to Locus 2, a less clumpy brown soil with fewer rocks included in it. Opening elevations for Locus 2 were taken.

Opening Elevations for Locus 2

NW 21.90m  NE 21.845m  SW 21.83m  SE 21.80m

Pickpass taken thorough the trench. Various pieces of terracortta, all very worn, as well as a few pieces of badly worn ceramics were found. Small pieces of plaster are begining to appear. Already two casetta of terracotta have been found. A possible waster fragment was also found (Find 2).

Pickaxed through the entire trench. Revealed a while soil, the same as locus 4 in the main section of the trench. Pickaxed and trowled to the level of the white soil untill the end of the day. Closing elevations taken.

Closing Elevations

NW 21.73m  NE 21.65m  SW 21.65m  SE 21.55m

Material Yielded


and 2004052
  • Find 1
  • Archaic Lateral Sima
  • 202-203E, 90-91S
  • Wheelbarrow Find
  • Locus 1

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