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Daily Log 16/7/14

16/7/14 AM

The original trench is too wet to excavate, however we were beginning to expose the edges of a potential lens. We will now expand the trench in an attempt to better clarify the boundaries of the lens on the horizontal plane before further expose the vertical. The trench will be expanded 2 meters to the east of the eastern baulks, then 2 meters south of the southern baulk wall. We will also remove a 1x2 meter wall between T-57 and 58. The surface of the extension will be declared locus 6 . Opening elevations and photos were taken. A sketch of the whole trench was made.

Opening Elevations Locus 6 1- 95E, 33S -29.44 mAE 2- 97E, 33S -29.41 mAE 3- 97E, 37S -29.48 mAE 4- 94E, 37S -29.34 mAE 5- 94E, 35S- 29.40 mAE 6- 95E, 35S- 29.38 mAE

Locus 6 is a humus layer. IT is heavily included with roots and other organic material. The edges of two old dirt dumps left over from the 1960s test trenches that are to

the east of the trench. Fragments of tile and pottery are being recovered. The soil is a dark brown color with a clay-like texture that could be due to the high amount of rain received the other day. There are several rocks present on the surface and some included in the soil matrix. A pick pass was done in the northern 2 meters of the eastern extension. Soil was sorted and dumped. There are small pockets of root rot

present. Some tile is being found in larger fragments than the other trench however here is no clear concentration of them. The 1x2 meter extension between T-57 and 58 was picked. Soil was sorted and dumped, less material was found in this pick pass. A third pick pass was done in the southeastern corner of the extension. Another pick pass was done in the northern meter of the extension. Soil continues to be sorted into buckets and dumped. Tile is being found more frequently in this area than the southern part.

PM A pick pass was done in the next meter moving south. Soil sorted into buckets and dumped. Tile is being recovered but it is very worn and eroded. The soil is a dark brown with lots of roots. The next meter south was picked. Soil was sorted by hand and dumped. Several rocks are being uncovered but appear to be entangled among the roots. The 2x1 extension between T-57 and 58 was picked and sorted. The roots here are making it hard to pick. The final southern meter was picked

and sorted. Tile continues to be recovered in greater numbers among the eastern baulk which is closest to the old test trenches. Picking began again in the northern meter. Soil was sorted and dumped. The soil is becoming yellower in patches. Another 3 pick passes were completed moving toward the south. The soil is slowly becoming more yellow and granular. Tile is being found and is still very eroded. A pick pass was done in the 1x2 meter between T-57 and 58. The roots here are making picking challenging soil was sorted. The soil here is still more clay like than the rest of the extension.

Bulk Finds Locus 6 Tile- 3/4 Bowl Pottery- 3/4 Latte (25 pieces)

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