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11 July 2008


Began to trowel down into locus 12 in order to further define rocks. Continued to trowel down into Locus 13 in order to further define the extent of the yellow-brown crumbly soil with little to no material. A new olive-brown soil with inclusions of carbon, terracotta, and pottery has been incovered. The norther portion of Locus 13 is hitting the new olive brown soil at a lower elevation than the southern section of Locus 13 . Therefore the southern section of Locus 13 will be declared a new locus. While troweling in Locus 12 a piece of perforated bone was recovered (Find #1)

Find #1

Locus 12

28.49 m A.E.

139.63E / 24.76m S.

We have removed the majority of the remaining rocks in the area between 25m and 24m. Just north of Locus 13 it appears that the Locus 13 fill soil is continuing. The soil is a crumbly yellow brown soil with little to no material in it. We will now define its extent. There appears to be another layer of stones underneath the stones just removed in Locus 12 . These stones are

Located in the eastern section of Locus 12 . While troweling in the southern section of Locus 13 the olice brown soil with inclusions of carbon and flecks of multi-colored soil was defined and a new locus (14) was declared. Coordinates, elevations, and photos taken.

Locus 14 :

A: 138.55E / 25.64S; 28.61 A.E.

B; 138.61E / 25.13S; 28.55 A.E.

C: 139.03E / 25.31S; 28.52 A.E.

D; 138.92E / 25.58S; 28.56 A.E.

Began to trowel through Locus 14 , which appears to be positioned in a break in the archaic wall, due to soil color and lack of rocks. While troweling in the Northwest section of Locus 12 a crumbly yellow brown soil was found and we worked to determine the extent of this new soil. The crumbly yellow brown soil appears to be concentrated in the northwest section, therefore a new locus (15) will be opened in this area. Coorinates, elevations, and Photos taken:

Locus 15 :

A; 138.73E / 24.66S; 28.59 A.E.

B; 138.80E / 24.43S; 28.59 A.E.

C; 139.10E / 24.45S; 28.58 A.E.

D; 139.15E / 24.20S; 28.61 A.E.

E; 139.39E / 24.58S; 28.54 A.E.

F: 139.29E / 24.78S; 28.53 A.E.

Began to trowel down into locus 15 to determine the extent of crumbly yellow-brown soil. Within this soil there are inclusions of white and green soil.

While troweling through Locus 14 a dark brown soil with heacy carbon inclusions appeared, therefore we will continue to trowel through Locus 14 in order to reveal the extent of the new soil. We are beginning to uncover a new soil underneath Locus 14 . This soil is dark brown and has heavy carbon inclusions and pottery, terracotta, and bone. We are now going to begin working with trowels in Locus 11 . As it appears that Loci 11 and 14 are both outside of the archaic foundation, we will bring them to the same level and see if the burn soil in Locus 14 continues under Locus 11 .


No work done this afternoon because of the long weekend.

Materials Recovered

Locus 11 ; Pottery 4 sherds

Bone 1 piece

Locus 12 : Pottery - 9 sherds

Bone 3 pieces

Terracotta  1/4 bowl

Locus 13: Pottery 2 sherds

Bone 1 piece

Locus 14 ; Terracotta 11 frags

Pottery 25 sherds

Bone 4 pieces

Locus 15 ; Pottery 3 sherds

Bone 2 pieces

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