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30 June 2014

Daily Logs:

30 June 2014


A four meter by two meter trench established off the baseline of 95E, designated T 62. The datum point established on a tree two meters to the southwest at an absolute elevation of 28.03 meters. Locus 1 opening photographs taken. Opening elevations taken:

NW Corner: 27.78m A.E.

NE Corner: 27.89m A.E.

SE Corner: 27.75m A.E.

SW Corner: 27.66m A.E.

Pick pass done along the four by one northern meter of Locus 1 , which is a dark brown heavily vegetal debris included humus layer. There are two large stumps and a large rock present at surface level. Locus 1 is heavily included with roots and small rocks 5-10cm

in length. Soil sorted and cleaned from the trench using trowels into buckets. In some areas a new medium brown claylike soil emerging at a depth of 5-20cm. Pick pass done again in the northern meter, soil sorted and cleaned. Several worn fragments of terra cotta recovered. Two pick passes done in the southern four by on meter of the trench. Soil remains consistent with Locus 1 , the dark brown humus layer heavily included with organic material. The new soil type, present in patches in the northern meter, not yet present in the southern meter. Soil sorted and cleaned from the trench. Few fragments of terra cotta recovered as well as two fragments of pottery.


Continued pick axing across the entire area of the trench to maintain a level except in the areas in which the medium brown soil has been revealed. Locus 1 soil remains dark brown

and heavily included with organic debris but is pock marked with the new medium brown soil, likely due to root action. Small rocks of 5-10cm recovered and discarded. Some fragments of tile and pottery recovered. The medium brown soil is now revealed across the entire trench, so baulk walling being done along all baulk walls. Baulk wall finds collected with Locus 1 bulk finds. Several large roots removed from the central area of the trench, as well as one small stump. Roots clipped and trench surface scraped down for Locus 2 opening photographs. Opening elevations taken:

NW Corner: 27.70m A.E.

NE Corner: 27.81m A.E.

SE Corner: 27.67m A.E.

SW Corner: 27.61m A.E.

Locus 2 is a medium brown-grey, claylike, densely packed soil, included with many roots and stones 5-10cm in length. Three large stumps and two large stones present in the surface level. Pick pass begun in the western meter by two meters moving eastward across the trench. Soil sorted and cleaned from the trench. Small quantities of terra cotta recovered. Beginning with Locus 2 , every fourth bucket will be sieved. First bucket sieved, two 2-3cm fragments of terra cotta recovered. Second bucket sieved, no artifacts recovered. Several roots removed from the large stump along the northern baulk towards the western corner.

Daily Totals:

Locus 1 :

Terra cotta: 1/3 bowl

Pottery: 1/10 latte (4 fragments)



Locus 2 :

Terra cotta: 1/8 bowl (four fragments)

Pottery: 1/20 latte (two fragments)

Sieve finds:

Terra cotta: 2 fragments

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