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Daily Log 7/7/15



Excavation began this morning concentrating in the west end of the trench. As we picked to the west the soil became lighter and coarser in texture. It is a yellowish-brown. Some tile and pottery was recovered - all ancient materials.

As we have now found new soils in the trench, we are preparing the trench to declare new loci. The trench is being baulk walled and cleaned in preparation for this.


This afternoon we cleared and cleaned for the declaration of two new loci. The walls

were trimmed and the trench was scraped.

The two new loci will be designated Locus 2 and Locus 3 .

Locus 2 was below Locus 1 .

Locus 2 is a brown soil, clay-like, but more granular than Locus 1 . It is situated from the eastern wall of the trench to circa 1-1.5 m from the western wall. Some tile and stones are visible on its surface.

Locus 3 also lies below Locus 1 , and abuts Locus 2 , It lies in the western meters of the trench, some 1-1.5 m from the western wall. The soil from Locus 3 is yellowish-brown and very granular

Loci 2 and 3

Opening Elevations and Coordinates for Locus 2 & Locus 3 (as per drawing ):

1. 306.49 m A.E. = -9.09 m N/-13.00 m E

2. 306.55 m A.E. = -6.14 m N/-13.70 m E

3. 306.42 m A.E. = -5.10 m N/-8.80 m E

4. 306. 44 m A.E. = -8.03 m N/-8.18 m E

5. 306.48 m A.E. = -8.67 m N/-12.18 m E

6. 306.47 m A.E. = -7.97 m N/-12.06 m E

7. 306.5 m A.E = -7.21 m N/-11.95 m E

8. 306.52 m A.E. = -6.11 m N/-11.85 m E

Excavation began in Locus 3 . Some parts of Locus 3 contain a darker soil, perhaps the remnants of Locus 1 or mixed with Locus 2 .

Closing Totals for Locus 1 :

1.5 bowl tiles and plaster

42 sherds pottery

1 burnt bone fragment

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