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Daily Log Entry for Wednesday 1 July 2009



YESTERDAY THERE were thunderstorms and heavy rain in the late afternoon & early evening. There was no standing water in the bottom of the trench, but the trench was extremely muddy, and the rain caused some erosion of the baulk walls especially in the SE corner, which is the lowest part of the trench and which looks like it is where the running water left the trench. The first pick pass revealed some terracotta and ceramic. The ground was too wet to differentiate between loci so work stopped after the first pick pass, and resumed about 30 minutes after morning break. Ground is still wet, but not as saturated as it was earlier since the sun is out and it is fairly warm out. Two more pick passes in the northern half of the trench continued to produce terracotta, ceramic, & ceramic inclusions. Locus 4 and 5 still seem to have the same relationship to each other. Two more pick passes before lunch in the northern half of the trench produced similar results. The soil in Locus 5 is still yellow & sandier than in the rest of the trench while Locus 4 is more clayey & darker.


The sun & its heat have for the most part dried out the soil. Two more pickpasses in the northern half of the trench revealed similar results to earlier pick passes. Ceramic, terracotta & organic inclusions are still being recovered. A small

lump of bronze (Find #1) was uncovered in the second pick pass after lunch.


(see diagram on pg 47 of JRV-II)

4 more pickpasses were completed in the northern half of T-56. The material was similar in all 4 pickpasses. Locus 4 & 5 kept their relationship to each other and terracotta, ceramic, & organic inclusions were all recovered.


NW Corner: 86 cm BD = 28.12 m abs elev

NE Corner: 82 cm BD = 28.16 m abs elev

Center: 93 cm BD = 28.05 m abs elev


Locus 4: Terracotta: \xbe Bowl

Ceramic: 14 pcs. (ca. 1/5 latte box)

Locus 5: Terracotta: 23 pcs. (ca 1/8 bowl)

Ceramic: 4 pcs.


Lump of Bronze

Locus 4

136.89 E, 39.09 S

90 cm BD = 28.08 m abs elev

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