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A total of 10 loci were define within T-18 in the 2001 season. Although 10 loci were defined, only 8 distinct soils were encountered as represented by loci 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Loci 2, 5, and 7 can be equated with one another because all represent topsoil cuts in previously unexcavated areas of the trench. Locus 10 was not excavated into, but represents a galestra layer that also appears in the baulk wall on the north side of the rock feature. This galestra appears to be a packing that the rock feature may have been placed on. The rock feature itself is quite interesting as well. It bisects the trench and does appear to rest on a galestra packing. It is linear and appears the plan. A conclusion cannot be stated here since only 2 weeks of excavation took place and more work is needed to determine its date and purpose. Locus 6 represents a file fall that only appeared on the south side of the rock feature. No diagnostic terracottas were recovered, but given the locations of the fall, it most likely is Archaic in date.

Locus 1: Fill dirt from a previous excavation characterized by pockets of various soil types including galestra, topsoil, plaster pockets, and carbon.

Coordinates Opening bd Closing bd

32N, 173E 80.1cm 120.7cm

32.14N, 171.97E 76.2cm 83.1cm

32.41N, 171.08E 64.6cm 74.3cm

32.89N, 170E 69.4cm 115.0cm

35N, 170E 122.8cm 125.4cm

35N, 173E 123cm 127.3cm

Locus 2:Unexcavated soil at a higher elevation that locus 1 with a stone feature running roughly east-west through it.

32N, 173E 80.1cm 120.7cm

32.14N, 171.97E 76.2cm 83.1cm

32.41N, 171.08E 64.6cm 74.3cm

32.89N, 170E 69.4cm 115.0cm

30.5N, 170E 69.9cm 72.0cm

30.5N, 173E 88.1cm 90.4cm

Locus 3: Area of excavated soil at a lower elevation to locus 2 on the southern side of the rock feature

30.5N, 173E 88.1cm 88.1cm

30.40N, 173E 75.5cm 75.5cm

30.5N, 271.70E 87.8cm 87.8cm

31.25N, 272E 86.6cm 86.6cm

Locus 4: Medium brown soil, bedrock starting to appear throughout dry and hard in textures

35N, 170E 125.4cm 125.4cm

35N, 173E 127.3cm 127.3cm

32N, 173E 120.7cm 120.7cm

32.89N, 170E 115.0cm 115.0cm

center 22.2cm 122.2cm

Locus 5: Very hard packed soil, medium brown, previously unexcavated and equates with the soil of locus 2.

30.5N, 170E 69.9cm 72.0cm

30.5N, 171E 73.8cm 76.2cm

29.5N, 170E 60.7cm 68.0cm

29.5N, 171E 64.0cm 68.0cm

Locus 6: Area of a tile concentration to the south of the rock feature; the tiles rest on medium brown soil to light yellow soil with plaster and carbon throughout.

170E, 32N 69cm 89.5cm

30.5N, 171.70E 72cm 85.8cm

31.25N, 172E 82cm 89.6cm

29.5N, 170E 58cm 75.5cm

29.5N, 171E 68cm 83.7cm

Locus 7: Topsoil cut in previously unexcavated soil, hard packed and medium brown in color, equate with 2 and 5.

30.5N, 170E 65.0cm 73.3cm

30.5N, 168E 55.5cm 80.9cm

33N, 170E 87.0cm 79.2cm

33N, 168E 75.5cm 89.9cm

31.5N, 169E 70.0cm 76.9cm

Locus 8: Terracotta dump from a previous excavation

168E, 32N 70.5cm 76.3cm

168E, 30.5N 55.5cm 72.1cm

169E, 30.5N 70.3cm 71.4cm

169E, 32N 70.0cm 70.5cm

Locus 9: Pinkish soil with heavy concentrations of plaster and carbon loose in texture

33N, 168E 79.2cm 95.5cm

33N, 170E 89.9cm 97.5cm

30.5N, 168E 80.9cm 93.4cm

30.5N, 170E 73.3cm 98.7cm

31.5N, 169E 76.9cm 97.7cm

Locus 10: Galestra packing with bottom of the section cut taken below the tile fall, grey rocky with patches of yellow

30.5N, 171E 99.5cm 99.5cm

30.5N, 170E 98.0cm 98.0cm

32.40N, 171E 99.0cm 99.0cm

32.40N, 170E 94.5cm 94.5cm

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