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Thursday 9th July

Thursday 9 th July, 15

T-70 Linear rock formation


Now that both the eastern and western borders of the linear formation are viewable, as well as the rocks which make up its bulk, it was drawn in the trench book.

Trowels were also used to scrape down the surface immediately to the east of the formation in order to find a possible floor surface.

Thus far a compacted surface aligning roughly with the change in soul colour identified in the T-58 western baulk yesterday has been uncovered. Additionally, a pithos fragment approximately 6cm x 11cm was found lying flat on top of this compacted soil. It was 63cm BD (26.94m AE) and had the coordinates 90.89 E/ 39.10 S. There was also a piece of bone abutting the pithos fragment immediately to the west.


After the full floor surface in T-70 was exposed it was decided that the northern and southern baulk walls of T-58 should be scraped in order to better view the stratigraphy and thus judge the elevation of the floor surface in the north and the south.

Trowels were used to scrape the surface of both the northern and southern T-58 baulks. The southern baulk wall is still damp and quite muddy, due to the wet season experienced in 2014, as well as its lower elevation (due to the slope of the hill)

The northern T-58 baulk, however, displays stratigraphy similar to the western T-58 baulk as a clear change from darker brown soil and lighter brown soul is visible approximately 10cm below the topsoil layer.

T-70 floor surface dimensions:

NE corner: 91E/38S; 0.61m BD/ 26.96m AE

SE corner: 91 E/ 39.44 S; 0.66m BD/ 26.91m AE

SW corner: 90.35E/39.44S; 0.68m BD/ 26.89m AE

Locus 2 end of day elevations:

NW corner: 0.66m BD/ 26.91m AE

NE corner:0.58m BD/ 26.99m AE

SE corner: 0.70m BD/ 26.87m AE

SW corner: 0.82m BD/ 26. 75m AE

Locus 2 summary of finds:

Terracotta: 7 pieces

Pottery: 7 pieces

Bone: 1 piece

T-70 Western baulk trim:

Pottery: 3 pieces

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