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June 17, 1969


After collecting one box of tiles and a few potshards from the last of the fourth layer, we began clearing a 5 th layer to a depth of ca. 0.55 cm. Galestra appeared immediately E of the outcropping of bedrock, extending to a line app. 3.10m from the eastern most spur of bedrock. The rocky area revealed in the previous layer was more pronounced. As the rocks were generally larger and more closely packed. Much pottery from the 5 th layer was broken in small pieces (old breaks). From the E end of the excavated area we accumulated about one box of yellowish lumps of plaster, some with clean markings of reeds. The yellowish color of the surrounding soil suggests that other such lumps had disintegrated in this area. In all, the 5 th layer yielded 6 boxes of tiles, 2 boxes of pottery fragments and the following:

1 fragment of banquet frieze with 1 stud at top (O-14)

2 cornice fragment (V-13)

2 cornice fragment (X-13)

4 fragment of unidentified frieze (W-12)

5 rocchetto (Z-15)

6 piece of bronze (Z-15)

7 piece of bronze (Z-15)


  • Find #1
  • O-14
  • Joined with 19660101
  • fragment of banquet frieze with 1 stud at top

We began the 6th layer from the end of the galestra E of the bedrock outcroppings. A depth of ca 0.75 m was recorded; this increase in depth between layers may be attributed to the difficulties of excavating the rocky area, which at this level contained some rocks larger than a human head. 6 boxes of tile and w boxes of potshards were collected form the 6th level after 3 boxes of tiles had been collected from this layer, and about one box of pottery, we changed our standards of selection, so subsequent boxes of tiles actually include assorted undistinguished potshards and boxes of potshards contain only decorated fragments, or handles, or rims, or very fine wares.

The following was also found:

1 fragment of frieze, corner with guilloche (no grid)

2 fragment fo frieze with guilloche (V-12)

3 cornice fragment ( no grid)

4 cornice fragment (no grid)

5 cornice fragment (W-15)

6 fragment of unidentified frieze (U-12)

8 fragment of unidentified frieze (no grid)

8 rocchetto (Z-16)

9 piece of bronze (T-20)


  • Find #1
  • no grid
  • fragment of frieze corner with guilloche


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