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Work recommenced with troweling in the pit feature, exposing rocks and terracotta. Increasingly small pieces of pottery, including cream ware, are being found.The soil appears to have become darker and finer, while remaining Locus 5. A soil sample was taken. Shortly afterwards, it was noticed that limestone fragments were present in higher numbers in the soil, which seems to be getting more compacted. A peice of slag wwas found. (Special Find No. 1)

Special Find 1

Locus 5

55.30E 54.54 S 24.62 AE



Shortly afterwards, a frieze plaque fragment was found at the bottom of Locus 5. (Special Find No. 2)

Special Find 2

Locus 5

55.10 E 54.44 S 24.62 AE

Frieze plaque fragment PC20120082

Around the lower ring of the feature of Locus 5, rocks are appearing in a circular formation ringing the central softer soil. THe rocks are clearly embedded in a soft soil, similar to the fill but held together by what appears to be a partial vertical rock packing. Also in this area while trowelling a second piece of slag (Special Find No. 3) was found.


Special Find 3

Locus 5

55.30 E 54.64 S 24.62 AE

A little further down, more slag was found. (Special Find No. 4)

Special Find 4

Locus 5

55.36 E 54.20 S 24.59 AE

A tooth fragment which had been burnt was then found. (Special Findf No. 5)

Special FInd 5

Locus 5

55.29 E 54.71 S 24.56 AE

Burnt tooth



As the light in the Locus 5 feature was no longer constant and made colour change in the soil hard to see, work was suspended ehre and the feature covered and secured. Excavation recommenced in Locus 2 around Stumps F and G, in preparation for their removal.

Totals from Locus 5

Pottery 24 pieces

Bone 0 pieces

Special Finds 5

Terracotta 42 pieces

Work in Locus 3 continued using hand picks and trowels. Locus 2 remains a mid-brown erosional fill. Several large terracotta pieces (2 flanges) were found amongst the roots of Stump G. This stump was then removed with the large pick and flattening of the surface continued with hand picks.


A pick pass was then done in the south eastern area to work through Locus 2. More pieces of terracotta were found alongside some small pieces of pottery. Stump F remains in position, although work is continuing to loosen and remove soil from its roots. The day ended with tidying and baulk walling this area.

Totals Locus 2

Pottery 7

Terracotta 61

Baulk trim

Terracotta 17

Pottery 2

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