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Began this morning with a quick clean up of locus 10 in order to declare a new locus due to soil color and consistency changing. It is moving from a dark brown to a mustard tinted, slightly lighter brown with carbon inclusions, small packs of dark brown soil and white flakes. It is also becoming more dense and clay-like; much more difficult to trowel through.

Locus 7 was then closed due to a soil change that was noted yesterday afternoon. Photographs and elevations were taken, and locus 12 was opened.

Locus 12 Opening Elevations:

136 E / 32.5 S (NW) = 27.9m AE

136 E / 36 S (SW) = 27.89m AE

139 E / 36 S (SE) = 27.92m AE

139 E / 33.73 S (NE) = 27.96m AE


As locus 10 was evened out, the lighter brown soil with clumps of dark brown soil, flecks of carbon, and small white inclusions appeared in approximately ¾ of the locus, specifically the western half and northeast corner. In the southeast corner, the soil is a lighter yellow color, with a sandy texture and very few inclusions. Locus 10 was closed and locus 13 opened. Currently the lighter yellow, sandy soil in the southeast corner is still being considered part of locus 13, but will be declared as a separate locus if it becomes clear it is a separate feature. Opening photos and elevations of locus 13 were taken.

Locus 13 Opening Elevations:

NW 138 E / 30.5 S 130cm b.d. = 27.85m AE

SW 137.5 E / 32 S 124cm b.d. = 27.91m AE

SE 140 E / 32 S 127cm b.d. = 27.88m AE

NE 139 E / 30.5 S 129cm b.d. = 27.86m AE


In the southwest corner of locus 13, what appears to be bedrock was uncovered. It was decided to define this rock feature moving eastward in order to determine if the yellow, sandy soil in the southeast corner begins where the bedrock ends. While the bedrock was being defined, in the northwest sector a patch of medium yellow, sandy soil with a small amount of very little while inclusions was uncovered. This patch of soil currently appears to be only approximately 6cm x 6cm. Also, right next to this patch is a very smooth rounded rock approximately 5cm x 4cm. See diagram below.


In locus 12, two complete pick passes were made across the entire locus. There was an increased amount of carbon inclusions in the southwest sector. Finished the day by trimming the baulk walls.

Special Find #1

Polished rock

Locus 10

138.77 E / 33.71 S

27.94 AE

Special Find #2

Worked stone (?)

Locus 12

136.88 E / 29.76 S

27.85 AE

Special Find #3

Statue Fragment (?)

Locus 12

137.1 E / 34.48 S

27.82m AE

Special Find #4

Iron slag (?)

Locus 12

137.88 E / 35.15 S

27.79 AE

Special Find #5

Bronze Hook (?)

Locus 12

136.43 E / 35.49 S

27.73 AE

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