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July 13 2001 Friday


Cleaned down trench. Started a pick pass in meters 3, 6, and 10 in order to define the rest of the soil change. While doing this, parts of the stump were removed and the large rocks defined. Their sizes and locations will be included on the locus 2 map. After another light pass and general evening of the locus floor, locus 2 was created.

Coordinates(m)           Depths(cmbd)

1 S88.61 E 195.62      12.5

2 S 90.56 E195.50      25.0

3 S90.01 E 196.67      20.6

4 S88.33 E  198.62     22.7

5 S90.58 E 198.54      33.9


6 S90 .54 E197.43     L=60 W=62 stump

7 S 89.77 E197.54     L=56 W=38 rock

8 S89.35 E197.54      L=28 W027 stump

9 S89.30 E197.10      L=47 W=40 rock

10 S88.91 E196.64     L=122 W= 123 stump

11 S88.19 E198.14     L=35 W=24 rock

12 S89.03 E195.15     L=30 W=30 stump

Description: soil is  olive grey and very crumbly. It is alos large amount of small rocks generally smaller than fist size (5*10*5cm) and many roots. There is a lot of very worn terracotta, mostly flanges, and pottery is beggining to appear, though it is too very worn.

Once the locus was defined, break was taken.


Began excavating locus 2 in meters 3,4,7,8,E12(regarded as eastern half of trench) and then another cut in meters 1,2,5,6,9 and 10 (regarded as western half of trench). While doing cuts, any stones larger than fist size were kept in place, though only a few qualified as for that. Due to the discovery of a rock packing in T28 north, the cuts were shallow and occures more often. The average closing depth for the day is 28 cm bd at the north end and approx 10 cm bd at the south end. Photos were taken.


Locus 1 bulk terracotta-I cassetta, mostly worn and difficult to find break edges. Bulk pottery-6 sherds of worn impasto. Special finds- lateral sima p. 25 and bronze fibula p. 27

Locus 2 bulk terracotrta 1/2 cvassetta in simialr condition. Bulk pottery-11 sherds (2 course, 9 impasto) mostly worn. Special finds- curiosly shaped terracotta.

Special Finds




  • S88.66 E196.57
  • 13.0 cm bd locus 1
  • fragment of pin to bronze fibula

map of T28S

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