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Daily Log 28 July 2009


Work began this morning by troweling through Locus 9. The soil remained mottled, though more decayed rock was visible between emerging rocks. Two patches of backfill soil were found close to the 175E line in Locus 9, soil was extremely loose and inconsistent, clay-like without plaster inclusions. In Locus 9 two pieces of slipped pottery were found, one without visible pattern and the other preserving a stripe.

Find #1 Slipped pottery

Locus 9


26.77m (absolute elevation)

As the rocks became more visible, the decision was made to leave them in situ, define around and continue to expose the yellow soil. While defining around the exposed rocks, a pocket of air was uncovered, further suggesting that the area designated Locus 5 is backfill, even as low as 26.80m.

The yellow soil was exposed and rocks defined.

Closing Coordinates and Elevations were taken for Locus 9.

55.90S/175.36E = 26.73m (absolute elevation)

55.85S/176.35E = 26.72m (absolute elevation)

57S/176.35E = 26.66m (absolute elevation)

57S/175.33E = 26.89m (absolute elevation)


1 box of pottery/bone and 3/4 bowl of terracotta were recovered from Locus 9.


Continued work by baulk walling 57S line and scraping excess soil from entire trench. When baulk walling was completed, Locus 5, Locus 6, and Locus 9 were closed and photos taken.

Closing Coordinates and Elevations:

56.48S/174.73E : 27.03m

56.53S/175.30E : 26.96m

56.61S/176.73E : 26.70m

56.52S/178.25E : 26.68m

55.10S/178.50E : 26.69m

54.83S/177.32E : 26.71m

53.40S/177.34E : 26.72m

52.32S/177.33E : 26.73m

52.30S/177.48E : 26.76m

52S/177.28E : 26.73m

51.87S/176.41E : 26.79m

52.08S/176.30E : 26.77m

52.07S/175.99E : 26.75m

52.23S/175.57E : 26.77m

52.23S/175.45E : 26.79m

52.89S/175.14E : 26.77m

55.06S/174.88E : 26.83m

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