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CB 44 was opened in the 2011 season in order:

1 To better understand the area surrounding the deposits found in CB 38 and CB 39.

2. To recover dateable material from a secure context to better understand the occupation period of Civitate B

3. To search for evidence of non-elite habitation on the western side of the hill in connection with the archaic well, located in Civitate A.

4. To better understand an area of the site that has not been excavated.  Revealing new stratigraphic and topograhpic information.

CB 44 was partially successful this season in achieving these goals set forth at the start of excavation. The excavation of CB 44 did not clear up the intention of the CB 38 and CB 39 deposits, and there was no dateable material from a primary deposit in CB 44, and the trench was unable to recover evidence of non-elite habitation, however CB 44 has begun to help archaeologist better understand the stratigraphy of the Civitate B area.

Several trenches were opened in the immediate area of CB 44 over the course of 2 seasons, all hit upon a sterile galestra soil after an average of 40 cm or less (see EMO II, KEH/TMO II , and AEG III ). This year

CB 44 excavated a meter below the surface level and continued to find artifact rich soil matrices. Under the top soil there was a thick layer of olive-brown soil ( locus 2 ) overlaying a blue-gray (unexcavated) and yellow-brown soil ( locus 3 ). The yellow-brown soil ( locus 3 ) appears to be similar in texture and inclusions to a yellow-brown soil found in CB 38 (locus 13) and CB 42 (locus 9). CB 44 will need to be fully excavated to understand the nature of these soils and their relations with the other Civitate B trenches.

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