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July 19, 1972

Still more heavy rain impeded trench work on Monday-Tuesday.

Today's work didn\'t start until 10 o\'clock as it was still too muddy in the bottom of the trench early in the morning.

Area I-J/2-3 (which looked rather bad after rain although the water had been drained off by the men):  continued cleaning stones, tiles, pottery and bones at depth ca. 70 (level C).  Seven more fragments of painted vase were found in same grid, I/3, one with incised tongue pattern (shoulder piece).

Area J/0-1 :  Opened this area by lifting the stonefill layer of pavement, covering it up to point eastwards where \'red area\' begins ( see

map on p. 61 ).  Stonefill of same character and thickness as in grids I/0-1, except that burnt soil immediately below didn\'t seem to have the strikingly red color as in I/0-1, being more yellowish with speckles of carbon (this burnt layer named (B) as before).  High up in this stratum, immediately below stonefill, were pieces of fine bucchero in both I/0 and I/1.


  • Find #1
  • J/0
  • +30.20
  • Locus (B)
  • Seven fragments of umbilicated bucchero bowl with bean rim


  • Find #3
  • J/1
  • ca. +30.15
  • Locus (B)
  • Bucchero rim with stamped rosette flower (black upper surface; redburnt lower surface)

This pottery seems to be on ab. same high level as the pottery found in I-J/2-3, p. 25 , before or still higher.

Just a few inches below big fragments of tiles and dolia appeared, as before in grids I/0-1 ( see p. 32-34 ).  We cleared off the area for a picture.  Thereby eastern limit of Upper Building Wall (N-S) between Rect. 6 and 5 appeared nicely in I/0 and was traced southwards in J/0.  It is made up partly of stones, partly of tiles (seemed to be both pan and cover tiles).  Three neatly placed fragments of pan tiles produced a quite straight edge of the wall on border I/J, reminding you somewhat of Roman brickwork/concrete wall faces.

In the course of excavation, a N-S section was drawn through stonefill on borderline I-J/0-1, seen towards west.

This section is planned to be carried down, drawn and razed, concurrently with work proceeding downwards.


  • Find #5
  • I-J/0-1
  • Found in cassetta
  • (A) stonefill
  • Fragment of calypter legemon: rounded short side edge with notched ridge
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