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July 21, 1997, Monday


The north end of Locus 19, N3-5/W15 (only \xbd of N5/W15) was taken down approximately 5-10 cm to further define the boundaries of the feature by exposing the light olive brown soil underneath the topsoil. To the south of the feature, galestra has already been exposed at 23-20 cm b.d.

Once the feature was defined horizontally, closing depths were taken in the north half. NW = 24 cm b.d., NE = 23 cm b.d., SW =23, SE = 20. Today only 1 small piece of tile (1 cm) and 1 small piece of impasto (2 cm) were found in Locus 19.

Locus 20 is the soil within the feature. The opening depth, taken in the middle of the feature measures 23 cm b.d. There is a lot of carbon, in fairly large pieces (1cm)- (2cm), present in this soil. The color of the soil is

10yr 4/2, dark grayish brown; the same color as the topsoil. The soil is very moist, but this may be a result of the heavy rains Thursday evening. In fact, this morning, excavation in CA42 did not begin until one hour later to let the soils dry out. The feature seems to extend for 90 cm running N-S and approximately 75 cm running E-W.

Approximately 13 pieces of plaster; 2 pieces of tile (2-3 cm); 8 pieces of bone; 14 pieces of coarseware (4 cm-1 cm with 1 base fragment); 26 pieces of impasto (there were 15 additional pieces found that seem to be from the same vessel), all small, worn, and broken (1-2.5 cm); and 2 pieces of orangeware(1-1.5 cm.).

There all body sherds, some rim and a few base sherds, possibly a full profile. In addition to this are pieces of

decorated impasto, a rim sherd was found.




Excavation of the feature continued. At 35 cm b.d., the feature's dimensions are approximately 40 cm running N-S and 50 cm running E-W. Galestra is present on both sides of the feature at this level. At 41 cm b.d., the dimensions of the feataure are 40 cm N-S by 46 cm E-W. At 46 cm b.d. galestra was present.

2 pieces of tile (1-2 cm), 4 pieces of bone, 3 pieces of coarseware, 9 pieces of impasto and 2 pieces of orangeware.

There was no anomalies found within the feature. It was most likely caused by bioterbation, a result of organic material.

Photos were taken after the anomaly was lifted ( ).

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