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July 8, 2004


Pick axed in the western part of the trench to search for any new stones in the area. Pottery appeared from both sides of the rock packing with some frequency, mostly eroded pieces. Troweled around the stump near the 226E, 57S in order to flatten the floor down to a similar level as the surrounding level. A new soil has appeared in the northwest area of the trench above the rock packing. It is a more clayey and lighter brown with very small white inclusions, probably of lime or limestone and declared a new locus (Locus 3). It was decided to extend the trench into the northwest to try and track the rock packing in that direction. The area was cleared of leaves and brush and opening elevations were taken for the new extension of the trench.

Opening Elevations for Second Extension

222E, 54S - 26.54m

223E, 54S - 26.57m

224E, 54S - 26.50m

224E, 55S - 26.39m

223E, 55S - 26.45m

223E, 56S - 26.49m

222E, 56S - 26.60m

222E, 55S - 26.65m


Pick axed through the north eastern meter of the extension (223-224 E, 54-55S). Rocks of various sizes were hit, some which came out with pick axing and were kept in a rock pile near the northern baulk of the trench. Other rocks were larger and seemed to be in line with the packing found in other areas of the trench. Continued to sift the material and clear down through the rocks and roots of Locus 1. The rocks seemed to have appeared at a higher elevation than those further east in the trench, but this could be due in part to the slope of the area. There is slightly more carbon in the soil and in somewhat larger chunks than in other areas of the trench. The lighter brown and clayey soil of Locus 3 appeared in various areas of the extension and was trowled down to. The area around the rocks was again declared a part of locus 2.

Material Yielded

Locus 1 3/4 casetta of terracotta

10 pieces of pottery

Locus 2 1/2 casetta of terracotta

7 pieces of pottery

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