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Tuesday, 04/07/2006


Work began with a pick pass throughout the entirety of Locus 6 .  Modern material, specifically plastic and asphalt, was uncovered throughout the trench.  Ancient tiles and ceramics were also recovered, although there was a marked decrease in the amount recovered from the western portion of the locus.  Soil was upturned using the pick axe then shovelled into buckets and sorted directly over the dirt dump.

Another pick pass was initiated in teh western portion of the locus, near the border between Loci 6 and 7 in order to see if the Locus 7 soil continues at all beneath the soil of Locus 6 .  After this pick pass, it appears as though the hard packed yellow soil of Locus 7 does not continue under the dark brown soil of Locus 6 ; there is a sharp border between the two loci.  Soil continued to be shovelled into buckets and sorted over the dirt dump.

Once all the dirt from the previous pick pass was cleaned up and sorted, another pick pass was begun at the western edge of the locus, with the same intent as the previous pick pass.  At this time, the hard packed yellow soil of Locus 7 began to appear beneath the dark brown, mottled soil of Locus 6 in the south-west corner of the trench.  Furthermore, a bit of the Locus 7 began to appear just east of where the border between the two loci had been at the time of the previous pick pass.  It does now appear that Locus 7 may extend beneath Locus 6 .

During this pick pass, modern materials, such as glass, asphalt, and modern roofing tiles, continued to be uncovered alongside ancient tiles and ceramics, indicating that Locus 6 is still a fill deposit.

Another pick pass was completed, revealing more hard packed, yellow, Locus 7 soil moving east beneath the dark brown, mottled soil of Locus 6 , although the Locus 7 soil still appears to slope down sharply.

An additional pick pass was completed in Locus 6 , moving west to east.  Soil continued to be shovelled into buckets and sorted over the dirt dump.  The soil of Locus 6 remains dark brown and somewhat mottled with a good number of small rocks scattered throughout it.  The material remains have been consistent throughout the locus; some antient tile and ceramics have been recovered alongside asphalt.  There does seem to be slightly less plastic, glass, and modern tile though at this level.


Another pick pass was completed throughout Locus 6 , with soil being shovelled into buckets and sorted over the dirt dump.  However, less plastic and glass were recovered from this pick pass.  It was then decided to trim the baulk walls in order to be able to see better any forthcoming soil changes.

When teh baulks had been trimmed, modern glass was spotted in the floor of the trench, near the baulk wall, so it was decided to pick again.  Once this pick pass was completed and sorted, another pick pass was completed.  During this pick pass, a piece of vitrified terracotta pantile (Find #1) was found.


  • Find #1
  • Locus 6
  • 7.07N/5.33W
  • 32cm b.d.
  • Vitrified terracotta pantile, approximately 20cm long, with one of the edges turning to glass.

Locus 6 :

  • Tile: 2 bowls
  • Pottery: 36 pieces
  • Bone: 11 pieces

Baulk Trim:

  • Tile: 1/2 bowl
  • Pottery: 4 sherds
  • Bone: 0 pieces
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