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Pottery: 3              Tile: 8

While cleaning tiles in Y-Z/72-73, two things became evident.  First, there was a definite line of unfired cover tiles whose longest dimension ran north-south separating two lines of tiles whose longest sides ran east-west.  Also in YZ/72, a column base was found in somewhat deteriorated condition.  The top had many stones stripping off but the outline is well preserved.  All new tiles were PVA'd.

In MN/86-88, the cut to 60 cm was worked on with lots of tile and plaster (50-50) found.  Running north-south in MN/87-88 (mostly 88), a line of rocks was found with the north part over the area where the column base should be.  From cuts and clearing around this area, the rocks were determined to lie on tile and dirt and were lifted.  In MN/86, the cut to the floor was started with a pick, then continued with hammer and mestiling when statue fragments and large pieces of tile were uncovered.

Again, lots of heavy packed plaster and chunks were found directly over the "floor".  The "floor" as yet consisted of lots of tile lying over the supposed floor.  In the southeast corner of this cut, rocks over dirt was found with pithos fragments on top.  All through this cut, the soil down towards where floor was expected was looser, drier, and included lots of chunky and disintigrated plaster.  In MN/86, there was a little carbon in the soil, but in general, material from this area wasn't burned (5 cassetti tile and plaster).

The topsoil cut in ST/86-88 was more or less completed at 10-20 cm with very poorly preserved floor found in S/88 and ST/87.  The soil was fairly dark and extremely rooty throughout, with lots of clumps which may in part account for the status of the floor (3 cassetti tile and plaster, 2 boxes pottery).




  • Find #9
  • N/87
  • 60 cm
  • Unknown terracotta object ("rabbit" horn fang)





Pottery: 6              Tile: 3

In ST/86-87, very damaged floor was uncovered.  In all probability, this damage was due to either the trees and roots in this area or erosion.  These meters have only 10-15 cm of soil over them.  In S/87, a large piece of stone was found in the area where a column base was hypothesized to be.  This stone, however, has its flat side tilting instead of horizontal.  There was a pan tile fragment directly to the east of this stone, as well as another small section of floor in S/88.  Between this stone and the eastern end of the cut were multiple small stones lying in soil under the apparent level of the floor.  Very little pottery and 1 cassetta of tile and plaster came from cleaning down to the floor level.

In MN/86-88, the cut to the floor (~ 70 cm) was continued.  Most of the rocks lifted this morning and afternoon did indeed lie on soil, but one apparently lay directly on the floor.  Floor in thse meters was mostly well preserved.  Several large pieces of tile were left "in situ" lying directly on the floor in MN/86-87.  A great deal of plaster (1/2 cassetta) came from here, mostly as plaster "packing" over the floor.  Note that in ST/86-88, this was not found.  Only soil and some "floating" tile and

plaster were found here.  In M/87 at ~70 cm, what was apparently most of an orangeware pot was found lying directly on the floor.  This lay in the plaster "packing" type area.

More cover tiles were uncovered in very poor shape in YZ/73-72.  Most of these were east of the column base and, although not burned, are badly damaged by roots.  All newly uncovered tiles were PVA'd.

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