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Work began with hand picks to level and tidy the trench and clarify the context of the dark soil in preparation for the declaration of Locus 3. A piece of bronze (Special Find No. 1) was found during this process.

Special Find 1

Bronze fragment

Locus 2

56.14 E 54.04S 25.11 AE

While this tidying up took place, a small pass with the big pick in the south west corner. In this area, a piece of iron was found. (Special Find No. 2)

Special Find No. 2

Iron fragment

Locus 2

55.54 E 55.99S 25.05 AE


Baulk walling and lowering of the trench boundaries commenced, while roots were clipped in order to prepare for photographs opening Locus 3.

Closing elevations for Locus 2 (Opening elevations for Locus 3)

NW 25.08 AE

NE 25.15 AE

SW 25.05 AE

SE 25.29 AE

Locus 3 is characterised bya dark brown soil which is clay like and adhesive. It extends across the whole of the trench with the exception of a 1x2m area around Stumps F and G. This remains Locus 2.

Closing totals for Locus 2

Pottery 95 pieces

Terracotta 3/4 bowl

2 special finds


The new locus is producing pottery and terracotta clearly visible in the upper surface. A pick pass was begun in the north, and while picking it up, two special finds associated with metalworking were found. A large piece of slag (Special Find No.3) and a minute piece of iron. (Special Find No. 4) The locus is also producing small pieces of slag less than 3cm in diameter which have been collected as bulk.


Special Find 3

Locus 3

55.39E 54.17S 25.08 AE


Special Find 4

Locus 3

55.31 E 54.33 S 25.10 AE

Iron fragment

The pick pass was cleared and another begun in the enxt metre to the south, across the E-W diameter of the trench. It was noted during this pick pass that an area 1m from the western border measuring approximately 40cm across feels far softer than the surrounding area and is accompanied by areas of darker soil containing a fragment of burnt bone and charcoal.


To the east of this area, a piece of bronze was found. (Special Find No. 5)

Special FInd 5\\

Locus 3

56.14 E 55.44S 25.04 AE

Bronze fragment

This pick pass was very carefull removed with trowels and the slightly uneven area to the east was levelled, once more with trowels. While levelling in the west, another iron fragment was found. (Special Find No. 6)

Special Find 6

Locus 3

54.26E 54.59S 25.02 AE


Once this pick pass had been cleared fully and the surface made level, the softer area became more obvious, and appears slightly darker in colour, forming a clear circular area. In order to get the trench completely level, another pick pass was done in the southernmost area of the trench. This was cleared, with no signs of further diverse soil or soft spots. Baulk walling in the south ended the day, but in the course of this a piece of medieval pottery came out of the southern wall. (Special Find No. 7)

Special Find 7

Medieval Pottery

Baulk trim

55.51 E 57.00 S AE unclear (found in clearance of baulk trim) PC20120068


While checking the terracotta bowl from Locus 3 a frieze plaque fragment with guilloche pattern was found. (Special FInd No. 8)

Special Find 8

Locus 3

Recovered from bulk terracotta, position unknown.

Frieze plaque fragment. PC20120071

Daily totals from Locus 3

Pottery 101 pieces

Bone 7 pieces

1 bowl of terracotta

6 special finds.

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