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10 th July 2013


Work started today with pick-passes in alternating Northern/Southern halves of the extension in CA 79. The loose dirt was removed by shovel and sorted in a wheelbarrow.

Find # 1

Worked Chert

Locus 5

26.94m A.E.


As work continues the soil becomes visibly lighter in colour as well as softer. The density of stones and roots has diminished. Baulk walls have been refined and the pillar of soil in the North East corner has been removed.

Due to the change in soil colour and texture a new locus was declared. The methodology will remain the same until any sort of stone feature is discovered. Every third bucked of loose soil will now be sifted through the sieve.

Locus 6 Opening Elevations

N.W. 26.94m A.E.

N.E. 26.94m A.E.

S.E. 26.88m A.E.

S.W. 26.84m A.E.

(Extension to CA79 only)

Work began in Locus 6 picking and sorting into buckets. Every third bucket is being sieved.

Find #2

Locus 6

Amorphous Iron with Bronze Inclusion

26.96m A.E.


Find #3

Locus 6

Bronze fragment with ridge

26.94m A.E.


Find #4

Locus 6

Iron Slag

26.86m A.E.



Work continued picking the extension in Locus 6 .

Find #5


Locus 6

Lug Handle

26.59m A.E.


Find #6

Locus 6

Bronze Bead?

26.78m A.E.


Find #7


Locus 6

Pithos body sherd with ridge

26.69m A.E.


Find #8


Locus 6

Spindle whorl

26.64m A.E.


Find #9

Locus 6


26.64m A.E.


Work continued in CA79 extension. Soil is becoming lighter in colour. Some big (20 cm) rocks are present on the eastern perimeter. Some roots were present also.

Totals Locus 5

Pottery - 13

Tile - \xbc bowl

Locus 6

Pottery 89 (3 from sieve)

Tile 1 bowl

Bone 3

Daily Closing Elevations ( Locus 6 ) (Extension)

N.W. 26.64m A.E.

N.E. 26.65m A.E.

S.E. 26.59m A.E.

S.W. 26.52m A.E.

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