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August 5, 1971

  • F/29-30: 1: 3 boxes of tiles
  • G-J/29-30: 2: 11 boxes of tiles

Worked in grids F-J/29-30.  Trench photo: F-G/27-28.  Profile drawing: D-J/28-29 ( see p. 266 ).

Area F-G/27-28 was polished early in the morning.  Four trench photos were taken ( see p. 204 ).

F-J/29-30: Working further down in this area, same features as in F-J/27-28 dug to the west seemed to occur: a rather substantial tile layer covering G-H, sloping down towards north ( see sketch on p. 124 ).  J/29-30, no concentrated tile layer but scattered tile fragments in different le-

vels.  Soil yellowish, dry, hard to work in.  Some pottery, though.

Highest level of upper surface of tile layer reached in G/29-30.  In this area, and border area G/H, tile layer as thickest, ca. 15 cm.  Tile layer area rich in pottery and bones, pottery esp. G and G-H/29.  In area G-H/29-30, a specific pottery-bone-carbon layer below veritable tile layer was not as clearly observable as westward grids G-H/27-28, but tiles seem to be thinning out downwards mixing with pottery and bones.

Donato works down in grids F/29-30, where a layer ca. 25 cm thick has been removed before.  First ca. 10 cm of reddish soil occurs (result of burning); below that soil turns light brown-yellowish, yields very little but scattered tiles and some pottery of no high quality, in contrast to tile layer and below in

G-H/29-30 which yields rather much bucchero, as corresponding area dug earlier westwards.  Tile layer in G-H/29-30 has a quite distinct south border in southern part of G/29-30, some 60 cm below ground surface.

Quite a few good finds in tile layer: pieces of banquet frieze, of gorgon antefix, etc.




  • Find #4
  • T-18 G-H/29-30
  • ca. 60-65 cm below ground surface
  • Frieze fragment: pieces fitting together (banquet)


  • Find #5
  • T-18 G-H/30
  • Fairly big fragment of cover tile



  • Find #8
  • T-18 H-J/29-30
  • Fragment of covertile for attachment of gorgon antefix: 3 pieces fitting together


  • Find #9
  • T-18 H-J/29-30
  • Two pieces of gorgon antefix doccia (not fitting); light red fabric, one of the pieces catalogued


  • Find #10
  • T-18 H/30
  • One piece of gorgon antefix doccia


  • Find #11
  • T-18 H-J/30
  • Bucchero vase attachment: female face in relief


  • Find #12
  • T-18 G/29-30
  • Fragment of frieze (banquet) - contours very well defined
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