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Terracotta fragment w/ attachment scar            surface                                  13

Bucchero body frag. w/ incisions                      East baulk trim                      23

Spindle whorl                                                  G-H 40  East baulk                23

Terracotta with impressed dowel hole                P/Q 38  20cm below baulk      27

Cavetto fragment                                             T 31-33  10-20cm below          29

Worked bone                                                  P/Q 37-40  35-42cm below      35

Coarseware base                                            P/Q 40  40cm below baulk      39

Coarseware base                                            P/Q 40  40cm below baulk      39

Bronze fragment                                             P/Q 35  64cm below baulk      39

Obsidian flake                                                P/Q 38  71cm                        55

Bronze nail                                                     P/Q 35   70cm                      61

Coarseware rim frag.                                       P/Q 37    71cm                      54

Bronze flake                                                   P/Q 35     72cm                     61

Gorgon hair frags.                                           P/Q 35     69cm                     61

Bronze flake                                                   I 40         111cm                    69

Gorgon brow or ear frag.                                  P/Q 34     65cm                     71

Iron & Bronze slag                                          I 40          115cm                   71

Amorphous bronze with carbon                        P/Q 34      65cm                    71

Impasto rim frag. in two pieces                        P/Q 34      75cm                    73

Orangeware lid fragment                                 P/Q 36-37  85cm                    81

Thin crescent shaped bronze                          P/Q 36-37  85cm                    81

Bucchero body sherd w/ moulded decoration    P/Q 37      73cm                    81

Bronze nail shaft and head                              P/Q 34      70cm                    81

Bronze ball                                                    P/Q 34      70cm                    81

Bucchero body sherd w/ incision/stamp            P/Q 36     77cm                    87

Vitrified substance                                          P/Q 36 west side   78cm        87

slag w/ specks of bronze                                 P/Q 36    78cm                      87

Ridged impasto rim fragment                            P/Q 34     73cm                    93

Stamped rocchetto                                          P/Q 34     73cm                    93

Creamware body fragments with slip traces        P/Q 35     75cm                   93

Slipped & painted orangeware body sherd          I 40    baulktrim                    93

Two ridged impasto rim frags.                           P/Q 34  74cm                       93

Incised bucchero or impasto                             P/Q 38-40    70-80cm            92

Possible frieze plaque                                      P/Q 38         74cm                99

Iron slag                                                          P/Q 35-36     75cm              101

Cover tile fragment                                            P/Q 34   74cm                    101

Coarseware rim                                               E 40 east baulk trim             101

Time with marks                                              P/Q 34    74cm                    105

Flat piece of bronze                                         P/Q 34    75cm                    105

Redware lid fragment                                       P/Q 37    80cm                    117

Impasto rim fragments which join                       I 39        121cm                  127

Orangeware rim fragment                                 H-I  38    110cm                   129

Terracotta fragment with interesting edge           P/Q 39-40   90cm                129

Vitrified tile fragment                                         I 39        110cm                  129

3 pieces of iron slag                                         I 39         110cm                  129

Impasto conical stem fragment                          P/Q 39-40   116cm              143

Ridged impasto fragment                                  P/Q 39-40    120cm             143

Bucchero rim fragment with incision                  P/Q 39-40    116-131cm       143

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