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Wednesday, July 12 2017 AM Work began in Locus 2, as we continued to remove the N wall of the later structure overlying EPOC4. We used hand picks and trowels to remove soil from the stones of the wall. Stones are medium to large in size and are held in a claylike, medium olive brown soil. Soil is hand sorted in the trench directly into buckets and then screened through a 1cm gauge sieve. Soil also was collected for flotation. Moderate quantities of tile, pottery, and bone were recovered from within the N wall, including a fragment of ferric slag (Find #5). There were two stumps that had grown through the wall. We sectioned back the N edge of locus 2 to the north, app. From 105.50-106E, to enable us to remove both stumps. While removing soil from around the stumps, a possible fragment of worked chert, with three perforated holes (Find #6) was found. We continue to find moderate amounts of pottery and bone, but little tile. Special Finds Find #5 Locus 2 104.40E/41.64S 26.60m A.E. Ferric slag Find #6 Locus 2 104.96E/42.30S 26.57m A.E. Possible perforated chert fragment PM We continued to remove the N wall of the single room structure overlying the floor of EPOC4. Rocks continue to be held in place by a medium olive brown, claylike soil. We use hand picks and trowels to remove soil and loosen rocks, hand sort soil in the trench, then screen soil through a 1cm gauge sieve. We have found relatively high quantities of pottery and bone but little tile. While removing the wall, we found animal teeth (Find #7) and a small tooth and vertebra (Find #8) underlying the stones of the wall in the western half of the trench. We also recovered a diagnostic long bone (Find #9), along with an associated joint fragment, and an additional bone joint (Find #10). Locus 2: Tile: ⅛ bowl Pottery: 89 sherds Bone: 15 fragments Special Finds Find #7 Locus 2 104.46E/41.62S 26.65m A.E. Animal tooth Find #8 Locus 2 104.46E/41.62S 26.65m A.E. Small tooth and vertebra Find #9 Locus 2 105.41E/41.94S 26.61m A.E. Diagnostic long bone and joint Find #10 Locus 2 105.93E/41.95S 26.77m A.E. Bone joint
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Document Type Trench Book Entry
Start Page 39
End Page 44
Trench Book Entry Date 2017-07-12
Entry Year 2017
Trench T90
Title T90 (KRK) excavation, p. 39-44
Entry Type Excavation
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Katharine R. Kreindler. "T90 (2017-07-12):39-44; Excavation from Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 90/T90 2017". (2017) In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed.) . Released: 2017-10-04. Open Context. <>

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