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July 6, 2004

Opening Elevations:                                                         Students:

  • NW: 146 cm Below Datum Point                                       Michelle
  • NE: 139 cm bd.                                                               Joanna
  • SW: 136.5 cm bd
  • SE: 139.5 cm bd


Tools: pick axe, trowels, buckets, wheelbarow, dustpans, plumb bob, line level, tape measure

Soil: Very dry, hard, crumbly, conglomerate soil that has the appearance of disintegrated rock throughout.

Passes: 1 and a third pick pass through trench beginning in NE.


  • Find #1
  • 184.6E-46.67S
  • 142 cm b.d.
  • Locus 6
  • Lion water spout

Soil difficult to pick through because trench hasn\'t been worked since July 2, 2004.  The NE corner has a lot of charcoal in it.  There is a large amount of plaster that is coming up in the trench.  In the NE corner a feline water spout was unearthed.  The conglomerate colorful nature of the soil that is turning up is indicative of the Orientalizing destruction layer and therefore locus 6 willl be closed and locus 7 opened.

Closing Elevations Locus 6: Opening Locus 7:

  • NW:   146 cm bd.
  • NE: 139.5 cm bd
  • SW: 140 cm bd
  • SE:143 cm bd.

Photos: 2 from N looking S


Tools: pick axe, trowels, dustpans, buckets, wheelbarrow

Soil: light brown with plaster inclusions of many colors, charcoal

Passes: One-third pick pass through trench NW corner


  • Find #3
  • 184.2E/46.73S
  • 27.27 m AE
  • Locus 7
  • Decorated bucchero


  • Find #4
  • 184.86E/47.29S
  • 27.205 m AE
  • Locus 7
  • Rocchetto

Afternoon spent pick axing through first pass of Locus 7.  Special Finds 1, 3, 4 foun in NE section.  Soiul filled with plaster, lots of bone, worn terracotta and some small stones.  Sifting by hand into the buckets because the ttrench has reached the Orientalizing destruction layer.

Closing Elevations:

  • NW: 154 cm bd
  • NE: 147 cm bd.
  • SW: 143 cm bd
  • SE: 144 cm bd

Terracotta: 1 bowl for Locus 6; 1 bowl for Locus 7

Pottery: 125 pieces

Other: 133 bone pieces

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