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Began today officially opening locus 10, closing locus 9 and locus 8 and re-opening locus 7, as it now includes the original locus 7 and locus 8. As stated on pg 83, locus 9 was closed for the time being because it appears that the possible rock feature is associated with fill from previous excavations.

The soil in locus 8 became synonymous with that in locus 7; clay-like in texture, olive/dark brown in color, with inclusions of carbon flakes and small to medium sized rocks. Therefore, the two loci were combined.

Locus 10 was opened due to the circular rock feature that was uncovered in locus 12 of SF-5. Both loci (10 and 12 of SF-4 and SF-5 respectively) are located immediately south of the Tripartite building and will hopefully reveal similar features. Locus 5 was closed as well, as locus 10 is located within the original area of locus 5.


Opening Elevations (Locus 7):

136 E / 32.5 S (NW) = 28.16m AE

136 E / 36 S (SW) = 28.00m AE

139 E / 36 S (SE) = 28.02m AE

139 E / 33.73 (NE) = 28.01m AE

Opening Elevations (Locus 10):

138 E / 30.5 S (NW) = 28.02m AE

138 E / 32 S (SW) = 27.09m AE

139 E / 32 S (SE) = 28.94m AE

139 E / 30.5 S (NE) = 28.11m AE

This morning two complete pick passes were made over the opening surface of locus 10. The soil started out very crumbly. It quickly turned denser, more clay-like, with inclusions of carbon and limestone. Its color moved from dark brown to a lighter brown/olive color.

In locus 7, a one meter by two meter pick pass was made across the western wall. In the northern area of this pass, fourteen olive pits were found. To ensure that these pits are not spread across the remaining area, a pick pass wasÂ…

Â…made across the eastern sector of locus 7. No pits/seeds were found, so locus 11 was declared within locus 7, in order to contain the pit finds within one area.

Opening Elevations (Locus 11):

136.54 E / 33.4 S (NW) = 27.98m AE

136.54 E / 34 S (SW) = 27.95m AE

137.34 E / 34 S (SE) = 27.92m AE

137.34 E / 33.4 S (NE) = 27.98m AE

Locus 10 was pick passed twice, revealing pan tile and bone in the southeastern area. This tile is most likely debris from roof collapse of Tripartite building/OC3 complex. Therefore, the Orientalizing surface is within 5-10 cm of topsoil. Trench will be extended to both east and west on Tuesday morning (15/7/08) to get a clear view of the tile spread and its relation to the circular rock feature found in SF-5 roughly three meters to the east.


Special Find #1

14 Seeds

Locus 11

Special Find #2

Fossilized Clam

Locus 10

28.92m AE

138.83 E / 31.56 S

Work ended at 1pm this afternoon in preparation for the three day weekend. The day was finished cleaning the baulk walls in locus 7, specifically the north and west walls. Locus 10 was cleaned, baulk walls were trimmed in preparation for opening pictures on 15/7/08. Plastic was placed over locus 10 so the soil would not dry/become discolored.

Material Totals:

Locus 7

1 bowl terracotta

11 sherds of pottery

10 pieces of bone

Locus 10

3/4 bowl of terracotta (51 pieces)

32 sherds of pottery

17 pieces of bone

Baulk Wall

7 pieces of terracotta

6 sherds of pottery

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