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Started day by stringing trench line around T72. T72 is a 3x2 meter trench. It is currently located in the northwestern corner of the overall working site of this excavation season. After stringing the trench line, work started with cleaning the trench of leaves and small roots for Locus 1 opening photos. Opening photos were taken, along with opening elevations. A drawing of the trench was also recorded. After the opening photos, drawing, and measurments were taken work started in Locus 1 . A pick pass was completed from the northwest corner of the trench to the northeast corner of the trench.

Locus 1 is a strong brown silty clay loam soil. Collected the loose soil from the first pick pass. The first special find was found shortly after starting the clean up of the first pick pass in the northwestern corner. Special find number 1 is a medieval nail.

Coordinates: 32.585 N, 90.526 E

Elevation: 27.39 mAE

Nothing was found in the rest of the loose dirt from the first pick pass. Did a second pick pass in the in the southwestern corner going towards the center of the trench. Followed by picking up the loose dirt. No special finds found during this collection of dirt.

Conducted a third pick pass in the southeastern corner of the trench. A second special find was found near the middle of the loose dirt. Special find number 2 is a rectangular piece of iron.

Coordinates: 31.526 N, 90.374 E

Elevation: 27.3 mAE

Started a pick pass in the northeastern corner of the trench moving towards the center. Stopped the pick pass for lunch.


Completed the pick pass that was started in the morning right before lunch was taken. Cleaned up the loose dirt from the pick pass.

Followed with another pick pass throughout the trench in an attempt to level out the trench. Picked up the loose dirt from the pass. Proceeded with another pick pass in the southeastern corner of the trench. Many roots leading to the multiple stumps within the trench are making pickaxing more difficult. The currently exposed roots will be taken care of tomorrow as the end of the day is coming quickly near. Discarded the loose dirt from the previous pick pass from the trench. Closing elevations were taken. Along with the two special finds, 6 pieces of pottery, and 1/8th of a bowl of terra cotta were found.

Closing Elevations:

NW: 27.35 mAE

NE: 27.35 mAE

SE: 27.31 mAE

SW: 27.33 mAE

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