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May 25, 1990

tile - 1/3 cassetta

pottery - 1/6 latte

K/64, As previously noted, this meter is producing signifigantly more material, mostly in the noerthern and western baulk areas. Large quantities of both rock, mostly of smallish 3-5 cm size and of limestone, and pockets of decomposing rock spread from this meter into L/64 and are no doubt the concentration of the rock pack of meters 66-68. We are not excavation this as a stratum here in 64 or 63. Along the northern baulk of K/64 a large pithos base and tile frags found. Also at 43 cm bd (21 cm bs) a small, mostly intact cup of unknown dtae found at northern edge of K/64. While predonderance of tile, etc. should perhaps indicate a pit, no noticable soil difference in this area can be discerned. The small cup sat upside down.Pithos material saved on western baulk.

L/69-70, 100-110 cm bd

tile/plaster - 1/2 / 1/3

pottery - 4/5 latte

Continuing with picking and mesti work. Soil is extremely hard after the 4 days of exposure. The division is still apparent between 69, 70. In 69 continue coming down on lot of tile and pottery - most left in situ for mesti exposure. Tile and pottery recorded with previous entry. Some large imapsto frags, possible sa,e vessel but not joining came from border between K-L/69. Again most material from 69.

tile - 1/2 cassetta

pottery - 3/4 latte

M-N/63, 65-75 cm bd

10 cm cut with picks in M/63 at 68 cm bd a ridge pole fragment sat upside down. Nearby other tile frags. At 74 cm in same area, virtually below it, a statue fragment, with either incisionor scoring. Both of these pieces sit in a medium light brown soil very clean of inclusions0 no stones, not much root activity. Note they also appear at level below stone pack of 66-68 and also below cuts in 63 that produced a lot of stone. Implications for date of stone pack??

Also at depths of near 70 cm bd we started getting a lot of pottery out of N/63. In N/63 at c. 70 bd we found a second statue frag.

K/70 - refer to page 67

Limestone area in N/70 removed. Found to be a disintegrated limestone rock c. 5 c. deep. Taken out.


tile - several frags

pottery - 1/2 latte

M-N/63, 80-90 cm bd

Another cut with picks. Very empty soil. Similary colour and texture to previous cut. In this cut several large stone - some lifted, others left in floor of trench. No horizontal assocation apparent. Pottery mostly impasto - several large frags from a large storage pot.

pottery - 1 latte


Mesti work this PM. Trying to see if tile displayed in 69 would present dense horizontal packing. Results are mostly negative. M-69 has good concentration of tile and pithos as does center west of K/69. Will photo and remove. Layer in 69 continues to show much tile and plaster in bits, plus charcoal and some bone, both blunt and not. Likewise

some of the tile and plaster is burnt., and some very burnt pottery was recovered. 70 does not have the concentration of tile and pithos, nor does it yet show as much of the small bits in matrix. There is discoloured soil, some charcoal and in these areas were found some vitrified tile. Also there was recovered some very white material, in some instances quite bubbled looking, which has a weight similar to vitrified tile. This recovered in a few small pockets and bagged with slag.

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