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Essays from the Edge of Academia: Supplements to 'Sushi in Cortez'

A collection of presentations, fliers, correspondence, notes, blog posts, photos, and other data to supplement the book 'Sushi in Cortez'

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Essays from the Edge of Academia: Supplements to 'Sushi in Cortez'


Sushi in Cortez is an edited book published by the University of Utah Press that records the stories of shared field experiences of an interdisciplinary team of scholars in the form of personal essays. The Sushi project developed from interactions concerning how to convey the products of scholarship in diverse ways in different disciplines: if we consider the products of our creativity to be stories, how do scholars from disciplines construct meaningful narratives? We started with an interdisciplinary panel on research as storytelling at the 2010 Society of Ethnobiology annual conference in Victoria, Canada. Within two years, membership of the team grew and we decided to “do fieldwork together.” We did not know what subject we would focus on, and we had no particular destination. The Mesa Verde region and its striking archaeological record was an easy compromise. The book tells the stories of interdisciplinarity related to the experiences we shared in the field together, but it represents more than that. It is a commentary on the state of university research and scholarship in contemporary American society. The volume records our frustrations and joy at engaging fieldwork inductively with no other purpose (or promise) than to creatively explore the Mesa Verde cultural landscape, archaeology, and environmental heritage through a variety of creative lenses.

About the Collection:

Over the course of the project team members have amassed collections of presentations, fliers, correspondence, notes, blog posts, photos, and other data that are not preserved in Sushi in Cortez. We present many of these items through Open Context.

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