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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Locus Number 5
Legacy Database LocusID 734
Legacy Database TBTID 324
Locus Year 2009
Open Date 2009-06-30
Close Date 2009-07-13
Open Page 39
Close Page 87
Soil Samples False
Photos False
Munsell Color 2.5 Y 4/3 olive brown (dry and wet)
Description Locus 5, like Locus 4, extended into the S half of the trench when it was declared, but only its northern portion was excavated. The part of Locus 5 extending into the S half of the trench was not excavated before work stopped there and when work resumed the entire S half was declared Locus 10. As declared, Locus 5 extends from the W baulk, and tapers down into a thinner strip until it disappears into the W baulk in the SW corner. It occupies the SW corner of the N half of the trench. It sits under Locus 1 in the N half of the trench, and under Locus 3 in the S. It sits on top of the rocks that made up Locus 8. Locus 5 can be seen in the W baulk. Locus 5 was a very light, almost yellowish soil and was less clayey in texture, almost sandy. It was also very dry. Locus 5 contained few finds and due to the color difference, was easy to distinguish from Locus 4 and 6, which it sat next to. Since the stratigraphy of the W baulk reveals a continuity of the soil of Locus 5 down to the floor and with Locus 10 and the S half of 11 (with its barbed wire) Locus 5 is most likely modern backfill, probably from one of the Tesoro 6 trenchs.
Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Opening Grid Coordinates
EW (x) NS (y) Elevation (z) Rotation Order
136.43 -38.69 28.23 1
136.96 -39.08 28.22 2
136.34 -40.11 28.21 3
136 -41 28.14 4
Closing Grid Coordinates
EW (x) NS (y) Elevation (z) Rotation Order
136.1 -38.66 28 1
136.27 -38.64 27.9 2
136.6 -38.74 27.84 3
136.84 -39.07 27.87 4
136.77 -39.45 27.92 5
136.11 -39.54 28.16 6
Property or Relation Value(s)
Temporal Coverage
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Anthony Tuck. "Locus 5 from Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 56/2009, ID:616". (2017) In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed.) . Released: 2017-10-04. Open Context. <>

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