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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Locus Number 14
Legacy Database LocusID 1531
Legacy Database TBTID 445
Locus Year 2016
Open Date 2016-07-22
Close Date 2016-07-29
Open Page 145
Close Page 239
Soil Samples False
Photos False
Description Locus 14 consists of a linear rock feature running from north to south. This feature is bonded to the linear rock feature running east to west in Locus 5. Small amounts of tile and pottery were recovered. The feature runs 1.2m to the north and 1m to the east. The locus consists of rocks ranging in size from small to large. To the north in Locus 12 is a decaying bedrock surface. The soundings excavated on either side of Locus 14 reveal that there are 3-5 layers of coursing that make up the rest of the feature not visible on the surface of the locus. Locus 14 is bordered by Locus 5, 6, 12, 13, and 18. Large stones in the top coursing are placed roughly every two meters, and the corner is composed of a large stone whose visible dimensions are 85 cm wide by 46 cm tall. This corner stone is covered by a stone 64 x 54 cm wide. The linear stone feature varies from .7 to .6 m wide. The features of Locus 5 and Locus 14 are bonded to each other with stones on the east side of the wall across the corner, forming a 90 degree angle on the west side with a more rounded corner on the east side. The bottom coursing on the north face of Locus 5 projects about 30 cm farther out than those above it, possibly the footing for the wall. This bottom coursing does not continue to project out on the northern section after the corner in Locus 14. Locus 14 is built up against the bedrock of Locus 12, and is only preserved to the level of the bedrock which it is braced against. The wall appears to be a continuation of the wall found In VT 7, with a total length excavated in 2015 and 2016 of 11.7 meters.
Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Opening Grid Coordinates
EW (x) NS (y) Elevation (z) Rotation Order
-23.78 -1.87 304.6 1
-21.37 -1.1 304.45 2
-22.4 -1.27 304.51 3
-19.64 -2.56 304.57 4
Closing Grid Coordinates
EW (x) NS (y) Elevation (z) Rotation Order
-23.78 -1.87 304.47 1
-21.37 -1.1 304.47 2
-22.4 -1.27 304.51 3
-19.64 -2.56 304.46 4
Property or Relation Value(s)
Temporal Coverage
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Anthony Tuck. "Locus 14 from Italy/Vescovado di Murlo/Upper Vescovado/Vescovado 13/2016, ID:723". (2017) In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed.) . Released: 2017-10-04. Open Context. <>

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